705- Frost And Manure

23 mins - € 14.99 EUR

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Starring : Roxi and Ibiza
With a freezing temperature of -8 C Ibiza is pushed beyond her limits like never before. The beautiful Roxi has really no mercy as she tramples her in the snow and on a sheet of ice, as she jumps on her, she stands full weight on her frozen face, she spits on her hairs and on her face. And more, she spits on her riding boots and she forces Ibiza to lick her disgusting saliva, she rides her like a human pony with Ibiza struggling to move with her frozen hands in the snow. And again, piggy back in the snow, trampling with shingles to cut her body, riding boots licking. And even worst, Roxi rubs Ibiza face with big dungs and she forces her to bite and to eat (yes you read well) to eat the horse manure from her hands. She forces Ibiza to take off her upper clothes and to lay down half naked directly on the snow. Using a shovel she covers Ibiza with snow, ice and horse manure and she leaves. You won't forget the intensity of this video. One of our most disturbing and hard to watch ever. For the real hardcore fans !