688- Boots & Manure

25 mins - € 14.99 EUR

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Starring : Skarlette and Ibiza
Do you think you have seen everything about Femdom and Extreme Humiliation ? Do you think you can do what you'll see in this video ? Think again ! The supernatural Ibiza is brutalized and abused like never before. She's forced to lick the horse manure from the soles of the riding boots that Skarlette has just crushed . She is forced to eat the horse manure from Skarlette's hands. She is completely covered by horse manure and trampled under Skarlette's riding boots boots. She is forced to lick the saliva on Skarlette's boots. And again Skarlette spits in her mouth and face several times. This is our most Insane & Disturbing girl/girl video so far !