" Cleaning Ladies "

60 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring : Debionne, Maya and Cucciolo

Cucciolo has a fulltime cleaning woman, but one day he catches her to stole the money he left on his desk and he fires her ly. Then, still furious he decides to call the well known cleaning company that employed her to announce that he is going to sue them, to make a scandal out of this and that he'll involve the media to destroy the reputation of their company. The female director that answer his call tries to calm him down but Cucciolo is more determined than ever. So at this point the woman has a brilliant idea. To persuade him to avoid any scandal or report, she makes a strong gesture of goodwill. She will send him their very best cleaning woman for free for 1 full year to repair this incident. But since Cucciolo accepts her offer but he doesn't guarantee he won't sue them she changes her brilliant idea into a devilish idea. In fact, the female director decides to be into the shoes of his new cleaning lady and once there, she will try everything to persuade him with the good or with the bad manners to quit any possible charge against her company.

After her few days of work, Cucciolo doesn't have any suspect about the true identity of his new costless cleaning woman and he is very satisfied of her work. But he commits a fatal mistake when he tells her that he still wants to ruin the company and to make a lot of money out of it. One night, the female director that now has the keys of the flat enters in his bedroom with the cleaning lady he had fired and the two women while he is sleeping..........

The two furies have destroyed him from every point of view but he is tough and stubborn as hell and he is still determined to report the company even more now that they beat the shit out of him. So they decide to kidnap him and to bring him to the female director's house. Here they'll torture him so ly than he'll be d to give up! The reputation of the cleaning company and the house cleaner are safe and blameless.....

This video marks the great return of the fabulous Debionne more sadistic and devilish as ever and she forms a terrific duo with the gorgeous and merciless Maya. The two display a great panoply of violent and humiliating actions for another excellent femdom video!