60 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring : Sandrine, her boyfriend and Cucciolo

While he is driving back home on a little road, Cucciolo notices a couple of bikers ahead of him. He tries to pass them but they are right in the middle of the street so he starts to honk like crazy. Finally they move on the side of the road and when Cucciolo passes them, he doesn't hesitate to give them the middle finger and to insult them heavenly. Few kilometres later he stops to an isolated path to take a piss. But while he is pissing, suddenly the couple of bikers appears out of nowhere. They seems obviously pissed off as they didn't like to be insulted like he did! The girl takes the keys of his car so he can't escape and she asks him to justify his behaviour. But Cucciolo instead of trying to be reasonable and to apologize to avoid any fight keeps insulting them. At this point, the girl assaults him ly under the careful look of her boyfriend. From now on you'll witness one of the most insane butchery you have rarely seen....

The diabolic couple comes back for a really outrageous and insane video! domination, extreme violence, pure sadism with the humiliation, degradation and annihilation of a human being at their worst!