" Peeping Tom " 

60 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring : Chayness, Elodie and Cucciolo

Cucciolo that share his flat with two stunning roommates, one day has the bad idea to hide himself and to try to peer them out through a hole in the floor. From down below, he hopes to be able to get a good upskirt view of those two beauties ! But his plan fails miserably as that day they both wear long trousers and even worst one of them catches him up as she steps accidentally right on his face covered by a white sheet. Now that this Peeping Tom has been discover, the serious problems start for him. The two girls now have two main goals : to massacre and to disfigure his face and to try to choke him. They'll step and crush his skull in any possible way by standing on it several and several times even both at the same time with his face still blocked in the hole. They'll step on his face loads and loads of times with the rough soles of their sneakers, in their socks and barefeet. More, they'll crush his face under a beach ball, they'll squash his visage under a thick glass, they'll put his head under a doormat and they'll walk on it with the bristles leaving really bad bruises on his skin. More, they'll close his face inside a bubblewrap bag and they'll march and jump on it, they'll jump on his head, they'll stand on his face with one girl on the other girl's shoulders. They'll try to choke him in the most cruel ways as they'll put a metal bar on his throat and they'll both step on it, they'll strangle him with a cord tied to his neck and their ankles. And again they'll try to choke him with a plastic bag, they'll strangle him with their knees, they'll stand on his throat several and several times and much more !

A really great trample video featuring a fantastic Elodie and the beautiful brandnew girl Chayness. The two beauties will perform to the extreme many and many different and incredible facestanding, headstanding and throatstanding action !