" Add Insult to Injury "

60 mins - 5.99 EUR

Starring : Ambre, Angela, Nedjma, Shona and Cucciolo

Cucciolo is lucky enough to be going out with a fantastic girl called Nedjma! She is beautiful and he is so deeply in love with her he arranges a surprise party with all her friends so he can make a marriage proposal to her. Everybody is there but the party can't begin as Nedjma hasn't arrived yet - torture for Cucciolo who is so excited! Finally she arrives but before he can say anything she announces she has something important to say. With a rare coldness Nedjma announce she wants to leave Cucciolo as she now realizes he's not the man of her life! Cucciolo who was about to ask her to marry him feels the world has fallen on top of him and his heart is being broken into a million pieces. A few minutes of deep sadness and silence turns into real rage and hatred which he cannot control. He starts insulting her heavily and even tries to slap her but Nedjma with the help of her friends throw him on the ground and start to trample him under their high heels, all planning to make his life a living hell. Poor Cucciolo, in just a few minutes has not just lost the woman of his life but also gets ly beaten and humiliated by her and her friends....adding insult to injury!




A very hard video with 4 beauties crushing Cucciolo in every possible way under their combined weight! Once again Multi-trampling, Multi-sitting and Multi-body-crushing reach the kind of levels you will only see on CuccioloPage. The newbie Nedjma is a great discovery ....just a pity she won't marry Cucciolo ! :)