EXTREME" The 11th Commandment " EXTREME

70 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring : Alexia, Ambre, Angelique, Celine, Jolenna, Jolina, Laura, Lena, Lindsay, Marie, Pau and Cucciolo

Cucciolo has a brilliant idea. He decides to create a brand new service for all women that need to release some of their daily stress and tension. He makes an advertisement in the local paper in which he simply offers his body to any woman who wants to abuse him for stress relief. She will be allowed to beat him, slap him, kick him, insult him, humiliate him; anything she wants to make herself feel better. A few days later he is literally inundated with calls from angry women and Cucciolo starts to get excited with the amount of money he will soon be making from this. Today it starts and the first girls arrive. He lets the first girl enter his studio but before he is able to explain the service the girl lays him down to the floor and starts to stomp him under her sharp heels with a real insanity. In the meantime the other girls arrives in the waiting-room waiting impatiently for their turn. With the right words Cucciolo is finally able to calm this crazy girl down who had literally assaulted him. He's able to make her sit down and relax, offering to massage her feet. But in the waiting-room the number of women keeps growing by the minute as does their stress and anxiety with the long wait but Cucciolo doesn't seem too concerned as he now worships his first patient's feet........... fact he's now clearly taking advantage of her by pinning down her ankles as he licks and sucks her feet with his tongue. She has now had enough of him and starts yelling at him to stop ! All the girls hearing the loud screams rush out of the waiting-room and catch the pervert in the act. These already angry and inpatient girls are now completely pissed off at this charlatan. They hem him in and like an outraged crowd all start to stomp him ly under their feet. He gets stomped from every direction so it's absolutely impossible for him to protect himself. The wild stampede goes on and on with the girls marching and trampling his body one by one, two by two, then, three four ....a mass of female feet coming from everywhere keep on crushing his body continuously without a single break. They form a never ending line passing over and stomping his chest and face continuously. His face gets crushed tons and tons of times with his nose caving in under the constant and never ending pressure. The common sense of each girl get absorbed by the spirit of the wild-group that surfaces itself in the most extreme form as every girl gets dragged into this spiral of violence and cruelty. In this gang there is no room for breath as a gang, think as a gang and destroy as a gang!

The girls haven't forgot they caught him himself on one of the girls by licking her feet. Does he really wanted to lick a pair of feet ? Cool ! Now he will have to deal with 22 feet pressing and pushing all at once right on his face and to have to lick all of them. But his mission to lick them is almost impossible as his face gets completely covered, squashed and deformed under all those feet pressing on him. So to get each of their feet worshipped with the care and passion they deserve they all climb on the table bar and put him down on his knees to lick and suck them all one by one. All 22 sweaty feet must be licked clean with his tongue; a very long and consuming job awaits him. To get down from the bar they order him to lay on all fours so that they can use him as their human step. At this point they notice a scale in the room so decide to transform him into the very first human speaking scale. They'll find out their weight by standing on his head and asking the human scale to tell them. The funny games start to become a nightmare for him as soon as they decide to weigh themselves two at a time. After several girls on top his head is soon completely squashed under their combined weight and the hard scales underneath.

All the girls looks very satisfied with their weight so they decide to celebrate by standing ALL AT ONCE on his body. Eleven girls, 22 feet, more than 650 kilograms squash and crush his body and face at the same time and they repeat this awesome crush several times in many different positions whilst laughing at this useless man completely flattened under them all. But the girls also enjoyed having their feet worshipped before so all order him to do that again to them too.

Some of the girls still haven't forgot the real reason they all came here today: to vent their daily stress and anger. And what could be better for this than slapping a man's face ? Now prepare yourself to watch one of the most incredible and hilarious sequences of slaps you have ever seen in your life. The girls get in a circle and one by one slap his face and what crazy slaps they are! They turn around in a circle many times and each girl has the satisfaction in being able to slap him at least 3 times....that means Cucciolo has received in just a few minutes a ridiculous sequence of 33 slaps. Some of these slaps are so hard that you can see the inprints of their fingers printed on his face. At the end his face is completely red and burning like hell. Is the torture finally over for him now? Noooooooooo way! The girls now put their shoes on and throw him once again onto the hard floor and begins another ferocious stampede on his already broken body. An endless number of heels dig deep inside his body penetrating his flesh over and over again but that is just the beginning of the end.

One girl sits directly on his face while the other 10 sit on top of her and each other. A ridiculous weight crush his face but surprisingly he's still alive. So the girls decide to go even more insane by standing in high heels on his body all at the same time. 22 sharp heels perforate his flesh causing the most horrible pain but Cucciolo has to take it, take it and take it again. They re-try the face-sitting pyramid but once again there seems to be no way to kill him. But that will turn out to be his last victory. The girls now take a gigantic plastic sheet and cover his whole body with it. They then all stand on it, getting closer and closer to his body so the air available to him becomes less and less. The girls have enjoyed this great experience and are all glad they answered his advertisement but sadly they are now unable to pay him for the great service he offered them.

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