HOT  " Big Thrill "  HOT

75 mins - 5.99 EUR

Starring : Alba, Ludivine and Cucciolo

Cucciolo has passed away. He was a good guy and everybody that knew him will really miss him. A few seconds after leaving this earth he finds himself in a place full of light where everything shines bright. Suddenly a very intense light illuminates a corner where four beautiful legs and feet appear from no where and move sensually in the air whilst gently caressing each other. The legs slowly disappear and they reappear a few instants later in their full splendor as they belong to two smiling, beautiful girls who then invite him to reach over to them. Cucciolo is amazed and once he is in front of these seducing angels they start moving their feet around his face and offer them to him. He can touch them, kiss them, lick them and even eat them. From now on Cucciolo will be totally obsessed by these two angels as he plays with them and their feet. It is the most magic, unreal, intriguing and exciting moments that he could ever wish for. A mixture of eroticism, sensuality, pleasure and pain that will make him realise he is in the place we all would love to be one day.....heaven !

This video is without a doubt our sexiest, most exciting, sensual and intriguing video we have ever produced. The footworship action is out of this world.Alba and Ludivine are two real angels and the way they move their body, their feet, the way they smile, and their outstanding sex appeal will leave you totally speechless.