" The Reanimators " 

60 mins - 5.99 EUR

Starring : Carole, Margo and Cucciolo

Margo and Carole have a problem with their sink, the water is leaking so they ring a plumber to sort it out. Eventually the plumber arrives and starts to repair their sink. Suddenly without warning he starts to cough and splutter and collapses on the floor in a heap. It seems he is having a heart attack right in front of the girls and they cannot believe their eyes. They need to help him start breathing and quickly so attempt to get him breathing again by pressing their hands up and down on his chest. It's not working though so extreme measures are needed as Margo begins pumping his chest using her feet and her full bodyweight! It works as he is breathing again but the trouble is he keeps passing out. No problem the girls start to become experts in getting his heart pumping using the art of trampling. The girls spend the next hour stamping on his chest to get his heart pumping but they soon start to enjoy it too much and move on to crushing his face and head too! Of course they need timeouts to relax and that's where the foot worship comes in!

A great movie as these girls are so helpful saving Cucciolo's life by trampling him!
Margo is her usual ruthless self and has great chemistry with another new model, Carole. Great stocking and barefoot action.