EXTREME "Love Leads To Crazyness" EXTREME

55 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Edwige, Angelique and Cucciolo

Cucciolo and Edwige have the chance to be the perfect couple. They are both young, with a good job, are recently married and live together in a wonderful villa in the country. But unfortunately their marriage is going very bad..they have disputes on a regular basis and their relationship is getting worse and worse. This weekend, (as usual) they argue. Cucciolo, who is working on the garden complains to be the only one working ......he claims he takes care of everything at home without any help from his wife who spends all her time sunbathing and doing absolutely nothing all day long. Edwige, that in all honestly is a little bit lazy, claims that she worked the whole week and needs to rest during the weekend. Once again the discussion ends badly with the two yelling at each other so Edwige decides to leave the house and to spend the rest of the day with some friends in the city.

Cucciolo couldn't hope to get a better chance to ring his lover, Angelique and to invite her to his home to spend some time together. The two lovers can finally have some moments to share together and the atmosphere between them is simply great. Angelique is very tender and sweet with Cucciolo, as much as Cucciolo looks like a true gentlemen with her........surely a complete different person than the rude husband that is always nervous, aggressive and pissed off with his wife.
The two are really in love . But suddenly something unexpected happens, Cucciolo surprisingly and without saying a word starts to run like hell in panic. He jumps over the fence in the garden and without thinking twice leaves the house running very fast.
Angelique at first doesn't really understand his strange reaction but a few seconds later she realizes what scared him so much. His wife has arrived home much sooner that they were expecting and poor Angelique has been left alone in the garden in this terrible situation and she will have serious problems to explain why.
Edwige approaches Angelique asking her where is her husband, who is she and what is she doing sat on her deckchair in her garden.
Angelique, who is really embarassed says she is a saleswomen and since there wasn't anybody at home decided to wait in the garden and that she has never seen her husband. All these stupid excuses sound really suspicious and strange for Edwige who doesn't believe her especially when finding Cucciolo's t-shirt on the floor right next to her. Edwige is completely out of her head as soon as she realizes that that unknown girl was spending some time with his husband in her own house. She gets so pissed that she assaults Angelique verbally and physically in a uncontrollable fury. Angelique tries to defend herself and to fight back but she can do absolutely nothing against a woman so angry. Edwige is so damned hysterical that she overwhelms her quite soon, pulling hard at her hair and slapping her with all her might. In a few seconds Angelique finds herself on the floor as she gets tied to the deckchair!
Since Angelique keeps on yelling in sheer horror, Edwige decides to shut her up by sitting down on top of her face. Being bound Angelique can't do anything to avoid this humiliation as her face gets literally crushed under Edwige's shapely arse and must take in the smell.

Edwige's thirst for revenge has just started and poor Angelique can't do anything to avoid this punishment as she is tied up. Edwige puts her hands on the hard floor and starts crushing and stomping her fingers very hard under her shoes. She then scratches her back with her heels leaving deep marks in her skin. This real massacre goes on and we can't believe our eyes when Edwige starts to trample Angelique under her heels! Poor Angelique screams like hell in absolute agony but unfortunately nobody can hear her as this house is completely isolated in the deep country. Edwige use Angelique as her personal carpet walking back and forth on her fragile body. Step by step her heels enter dig deeper and deeper into her skin as her chest and stomach literally cave in under Edwige's body weight. Since Angelique is screaming more and more Edwige decide to be even harder to shut up her mouth once and for all. She starts kicking her in the ribs and goes on trampling and stomping her poor chest ly. Her breasts get literally squashed and flattened under Edwige's heels as if she wants to ruin her feminity forever.

Not satisfied yet, Edwige decides to humiliate Angelique as well by her to kiss and lick her shoes and feet while insulting her in the worst possible ways. The torture goes on with Edwige then her to stand on all fours like a dog and scratches badly her back with her sharp nails. Angelique is suffering so much that in a moment of pride she tries to fight back but once again Edwige is so pissed off that she overwhelms her again and brings her back down. At this point Edwige's madness reaches its limit as she starts to kick her stomach and ribs ly. This sequence is so violent that we really fear that she is breaking some of her bones! Edwige is completely off her head and doesn't give a single second of peace to poor Angelique. She then starts to slap her face very hard, her to take off her shoes.

At this point Edwige starts to trample and stomp her under her barefeet giving special attention to her poor breasts that without any mercy get crushed and flattened more and more. Her stomach gets the same treatment. She stands on it, she tramples it, she walks on it several times as if she wants her to vomit. Angelique's face gets slapped very hard with Edwige's hands and feet. Her hair get pulled so hard that Angelique is literally dragged to the floor. At this point Edwige tries to strangle her with her legs...then with her hands.....and then stomps on her chest .Angelique's breath becomes heavier and heavier but Edwige isn't impressed and shows no mercy going on with the carnage with an incredible sequence of slaps directly on her face. This is ridiculous as Angelique cannot even try to protect her face as her arms are immobilized under Edwige's legs who is sat on top of her. Now Edwige lights a cigarette and notices that Angelique isn't a smoker and cannot stand the smoke. So with rare cruelty she blows her smoke directly on her face and she even orders her to smoke as well. Not satisfied she puts her lighted cigarette near Angelique's stomach moving it up and down, threatening to burn her skin. Angelique is so terrified she cannot take anymore and faints.

When she comes around later, she feels she is still living a nightmare when she notices herself half naked and with Edwige standing right in front of her, dressed in a scary latex outfix, high heels boots and a whip in her hand! Edwige ties her hands to the net in the garden, she gags her pulp fiction style and starts whipping her back ly. Angelique yells in sheer pain but Edwige couldn't care less. She continues the torture by crushing and stomping her hands again under her boots and scratching her already marked back with her sharp stilettos. She continues the carnage on her back by walking back and forth over it and putting all her weight on her heels to inflict the most pain. But that's nothing as next she tramples her with her so sharp heels and directly on her stomach and chest, puncturing her breasts. Not happy yet she then throws her a series of incredibly hard kicks directly on her stomach.

Poor Angelique is totally exhausted but Edwige's revenge is far from over. She gets some feathers and starts torturing her feet by ticking them. For Angelique this is a real nightmare. But the worst is still to come as Edwige puts her face directly in a small basin of water with her boots as if she wants to kill her. Angelique thinks that the end of her life has arrived but it's not yet as Edwige has something worse in mind for her. She brings her in the back of the car and poor Angelique, tied up and gagged is locked inside. Edwige just leaves her there, sits down on the deskchair, lights a cigarette and relaxes waiting for her husband to return.

When her husband, Cucciolo arrives back home he's amazed to see his wife dressed this sexy way and thinks a crazy night of sex awaits him. He couldn't be further from the truth as Edwige starts to ask him where he was and who was that girl she found in their garden. Cucciolo acts like he has nothing to hide and doesn't understand what girl she is talking about. Edwige can take no more bullshit, losing her head once again and attacks him with her whip. Cucciolo is hit so hard, he falls on the floor and without having a second to react gets trampled ly under her high heel boots and kicked ly on his stomach. His hands get stomped and crushed on the hard concrete under her soles and heels and he even has to lick the shitty mud from under her boots.

Poor Cucciolo is paying a high price for his infidelity as Edwige trample him again and again under her lethal boots. He has then to worship them whilst being humiliated in the worse possible ways. Then he gets tied up and is whipped until he s!

At this point Edwige goes back to the car to get Angelique and to put the two infidels face to face. She puts their faces close together to look at each other and to admit their relationship but they feel so humiliated by the situation they both deny everything. To hear these kind of lies drives Edwige crazy and to vent all her hatred and rage against them she starts whipping and kicking both of them with all her strength. This scene is really quite disturbing! She then decides to lay them down on the floor before tieing them together one next to the other before starting to trample them under her spiked boots at the same time with rare ity. They are half dead now so she decides to kill both of them by pushing Cucciolo's head underwater with her boot until he drowns and strangling Angelique until she suffocates. Now the revenge on the two infidels is complete and the two bodies lie inanimate next to each other while Edwige looks down at them with a sadistic smile.

Never before have we shot a video in wich a girl is beaten, humiliated, trampled and dominated so ly by another girl. If you add to this that the victim happens to be one our most violent girl ever, alias Angelique, you'll understand why this video will have its place in history. Angelique has discovered what it is like to be trampled, kicked, humiliated and dominated in the worse possible ways. She NOW understand exactly how the extreme pain feels and to be on the other side of the coin. Infact the action was so extreme she ended up with a cracked rib and couldn't shoot any other videos for weeks after. Edwige was a surprise as well, nobody could ever have suspected she could be this cruel towards another girl!