"Above the Law"

75 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Julie, Margo and Cucciolo

Cucciolo is having his lunch when somebody knocks at his door. When he opens it, two tax inspectors announce themselves and ask him to enter and to check his documents. They enter his flat and start looking everywhere. Cucciolo tries to explain that it's his own flat and not his office but they don't seem to listen. They look very serious but this doesn't bother Cucciolo too much.....after all he has nothing to fear. Straight away they observe something wrong with his lampshades as it¹s fixed with a scotch tape that in their opinion is not safe.He tries to explain that it's his personal flat and not a public working place, but they don't care and starts to write down the first fine. Then they just note a crack in the ceiling.....another fine is on its way.

They now move to another side of the flat and one of the two inspectors detects some suspicious tapes, cd's and dvd's. She doesn't hesitate a second to step on top of his couch with her shoes and grab them with a total lack of respect for Cucciolo's property. They ask him what kind of use he has for this material. Easy question for Cucciolo this time as they are just his personal collection of movies and music and he has nothing to be worried about.....WRONG ! They don't believe him and claim he sells them and order him to throw them in the bin straight away ! Poor Cucciolo starts thinking these two inspectors have something wrong with them and that they are abusing their power but to avoid any further problems he promises them he'll throw them away. They don't trust him so they decide to do the job themselves. They throw a lot of his personal tapes and dvds on the floor and starts to stomp and crush them under their shoes. Cucciolo can't believe his eyes....they destroy everything and they leave a real mess on the floor that he cleans straight away but it's going to be useless as they find a package ready to be sent that they think contains the same things they have just destroyed. Cucciolo ask them to open it and to check it for themselves as it contains just a gift for his beloved little granddaughter's birthday. Once again they don't believe him and don't waste any time to open the package before they decide simply to destroy it. They throw it on the floor and start to stomp and rush it under their heels smashing it in a few minutes. Not happy yet they find something wrong even with the TV remote controls. Their end will be the same.....destroyed in hundreds of pieces under their heels. Cucciolo starts to feel abused seems they have a personal thing with him but as they are inspectors he has to stay calm. Nothing escapes their busy eyes, now they find a little ping pong table (a gift Cucciolo received from his best friend a couple of years ago). They ask him to open it and to make a demonstration how it works Cucciolo take the little scoop, and he shoots the ball right in front of one of the two inspectors, Margo. She looks at the ball, she looks at him and says "I don't like ping pong" and she crushes it flat under her sole. They take the second and last ball and starts to kick them around until the second inspector crushes it under her heel by saying "I don't like ping pong either". They claim the ping pong table isn't acceptable either as it's too little. Cucciolo is astonished by that claim...."of course it's's a miniature of a classic ping pong table but it's very funny to play with and it's very well built too. Well built?, Julie asks. I don't think so and without thinking twice she stands with her full weight on top of it. Incredibly the table resists the pressure but when she starts to jump up and down it collapses under her weight. The second inspector joins her colleague and the table gets totally flattened under their combined weight.At this point there isn't any further doubt for Cucciolo....these two tax inspectors are clearly abusing their power, and not having any sort of respect for the law they represent. The two inspectors sit down and while Margo starts to write the different fines in her book, Julie lights up a cigarette. Cucciolo, who is very stressed now, lights one for himself but suddenly Margo grabs the cigarette and tells him she hates the smoke. She throws it on the floor and crushes it directly on his moquette. Cucciolo can understand that she hates the smoke but he still doesn't understand her reaction to crush it when she could have just asked to put it out. It is quiet strange how she is not irritated by her colleague smoking in front of her.

The two inspectors now ask to check his bedroom and again he has no choice but to obey. They immediately notice a big poster right on top of his bed. Without thinking twice they stand on top of his bed with their shoes to remove it (without any explanation this time) and even worst stand on his pillows. Not happy they destroy it under their shoes.

At this point Cucciolo can't accept any more the injustice he's been put through and starts to complain."You are here to do your job not to destroy my flat and my private things ...what the fuck are you doing"? The answer he gets tells the whole story: "you are a man not a teenager, you shouldn't have a poster of a band group in your bedroom's ish! " Cucciolo starts to fear that these inspectors are completely mad and they are not there to perform a normal inspection but they are clearly there to destroy him personally and abuse his private life with the power of their job. When he starts to realize it, it's maybe too late as they order him to take of his shirt and to lay down on his bed. Cucciolo this time has a right to refuse but they threaten to report that he refused an inspection. Poor Cucciolo to avoid any further problems has no choice but to do what they ask him. So he takes of his t-shirt and lies down on the bed. The two inspectors from hell have not finished as they have stopped destroying his flat and starts to destroy him instead ! They attack him with their heels, both cruelly trampling his body totally ignoring his cries of pain. There is no way out for him as they warn him that if he causes any problems they are going to write some negative things in their little books. The girls continue to abuse their power as they step all over his face in their heels !

The shoes are off but the torture continues as the girls play with his face with their sexy feet as they pinch his nose. These girls are not the kind of tax inspectors you might expect ! All this bizarre abuse isn't normal but these inspectors haven¹t finished their work yet as they return to their books.

The leave his bedroom and check his bathroom instead. No surprise as they report a burned lamp, and even a t-shirt drying on a cable (they claims it isn't the place as an appropriate cable is outside in the garden). Typically any little mistake must to be punished. They put the wet teeshirt on the floor and since they can't crush it this time they put their cigarettes out on it leaving burns and holes all over it. In an instant of pride and at a moment with only one girl standing on it Cucciolo tries to take his shirt but straight away the second girl climbs on and while he pulls it ends up getting ripped. Now what can this poor guy expect worst than that ? .Well nothing we would hope.Wrong answer as there is no limit to the crazyness of these two devilish and insane women.

Not finding anything else to report in the flat they try to find something wrong with Cucciolo himself and order him to open his mouth to show his teeth claiming they think they are too yellow due to the smoke. Cucciolo kindly asks what this has to do with the inspections and hears the answer "you don't have the right to question me, we know our job perfectly". Cucciolo loses all hope and under their threat to be reported he quickly obeys. Once he opens his mouth they start to check each single tooth with their heels....having your teeth worked on, scratched, tand kicked without any anesthesia is a real nightmare for poor Cucciolo as he starts to suffer like hell with the two heels inside his mouth at the same time. Finally they finish this very personal inspection and their response is very bad for him....he has to wash his teeth more often starting right.....NOW ! They take his toothpaste from the bathroom and decide to help him to wash his teeth. They put the tube of toothpaste on the floor and crush it to get the whole toothpaste on the floor. At this point they crush the toothpaste under their dirty soles and start to brush his teeth with them. They strongly moving up and down back and forth all over them.The toothpaste being spread around his mouth and teeth so energetically starts to burn inside Cucciolo's mouth and we can't even try to imagine all the bacteria in there.

Now that his teeth are clean he's allowed to kiss and lick their shoes and feet so the two inspectors sit down and order him to do it right now. He doesn't do it well (but who can blame him to be humiliated that way by two strangers) so they order him to put their shoes back on.

They crush his hands ly under their nasty shoes as punishment for his failure. His back gets the same treatment as their heels disappear into his skin. These girls are and are enjoying this power they hold over him. The indents in his skin really sum it all up !

The abuse continues as they stand on his face in their heels and abuse his body by trampling him ly. Much more of this and he won¹t be around to make any approvements to his flat !

They reveal their sexy feet again and test them out with some jumping and face standing. They harass his face constantly with their feet pinching his nose, ears and nipples. Poor Cucciolo gets literally abused under their feet.

Cucciolo is exausted from the massacre he has been put through. The two inspectors move to the other side of the flat to something but they forget their shoes so order him to bring them to them. Cucciolo is half dead and he's absolutely unable to stand up so with a big effort he drags himself on his knees to bring their shoes. He put them on their feet but suddenly he gets a terrible spout of asthma. He is an asthmatic and obviously the treatment he has received has helped to bring this crisis on. He starts to cough like he is going to literally spit out his lungs and his breathing becomes heavier and heavier. Fortunately he has his personal spray to aid him against these kind of attacks so he takes it out of his pocket. Amazingly Julie notices and before he can bring it to his mouth she kicks it violently out of his hands and the little bottle of spray rolls right at the feet of Margo. Margo takes a quick look to the spray and then to the poor Cucciolo, struggling to survive as he tries to reach the little bottle. Not much chance as Julie stomps his hands ly to prevent him getting it. At this point Margo ends definitively his last chance to survive by crushing and destroyng the spray bottle under her shoes. A few seconds later Cucciolo passes out. The inspection has finished now....the two girls write the last notes in their books....."Any control has been possible as the person died just before our inspection could start". To add insult to injury they wave goodbye as they leave the flat.

Margo is back and she is back big in this great video. This movie is probably one of our most intense, emotional and dramatic we have ever produced. It has to be seen to be believed. The incredible realism of Julie, and Margo will amaze you as they show you their extraordinary capacity to be so devilish and cruel.