"Trapped by 3 Doms"

70 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Mistress Fanny, Mistress Charlotte, Mistress Julie and Cucciolo

Cucciolo is a rich guy who one night decides to order 3 high class call girls to entertain him at his home. As he is absolutely loaded the money is no problem and when they arrive he is delighted with their beauty, they all fit his tastes perfectly. He shows them what a true gentleman he is by kissing their hands as they enter and offering them a glass of whisky to try and warm the atmosphere. They all chat for a while and having turned him on further with their sensual voices they ask to see his bedroom. Once there, they start to sensually undress him and lie him down on the bed. They tie him to the bedpost and start sexily dancing around him. The anticipation for Cucciolo is off the scale as he is ready for some hot sex!

Suddenly he cannot believe what he hears as the girls reveal their true identity. They are not prostitutes but infact 3 Mistresses who pretend to be call girls to get easy access to men so they can terrify and punish them. They believe women are superior in every way and men are only worthy of being under their feet. Cucciolo is still in shock and still hasn't realized the seriousness of the dilemma he is in. He is tied up and completely at their mercy, these spiders have spun their web and he is their prey! Cucciolo is now paralyzed with fear, what are these bitches going to do to him? They have probably killed men before and are ready to do it again as they start to violently kick him in their sexy mortal boots. Cucciolo screams in pain as they all gang up on him as he is tied up and totally helpless. Of course they step onto his chest, sliding back with their full weight on their heels. They laugh as he screams as Mistress Fanny then steps onto his face. Excruciating pain as Cucciolo has to just wait and prey she gets off soon! All three jump aboard and puncture holes in his stomach and cock with their deadly heels, this is a riot! Cucciolo has not any chance to defend himself or chance of escape as he is tied up and the three Mistresses attack him from every single angle at the same time! They kick and trample him so hard and relentlessly that Cucciolo is using every last drop of energy just fighting to survive and resist the immense and constant pain. He has never experienced this type of violence and cruelty before and prays he will not again!

The slaughter continues as they jump up and down on his chest and team up to give him maximum abuse. Soon he is full of terrible y marks but the girls don't give a shit as they carry on. It gets dangerous as Mistress Julie's heels dig into his cheeks, very close to his eyes. joking here as Cucciolo being tied up knows that nothing in this world can save him if she should lose her balance as he is unable to protect his eyes from those stiletto heels

Cucciolo is not only subject to awful pain but disgusting humiliation too as Mistress Fanny takes great pleasure in his mouth open and spitting directly into it!! He is their little plaything to humiliate and torture and they are enjoying every second of it.....they simply love torturing men, and to punish them is their mission in life. They go on with the massacre of this human being by pinning his arms and repeatedly sitting full weight on his face. They hear him gagging below but just laugh and chat between themselves. Then some hard trampling again on his chest and the girls especially target those very sensitive nipples which cause him again inhuman pain!

Cucciolo feeling he has nothing to lose at this point, in desperation shouts out at them, "You are all just dirty whores, you bitches......." This wasn't probably his wisest move as the girls decide to punish him even harder now for his total lack of respect. Inhuman abuse as you won't believe the they slap his face with. A couple of times they actually knock him to the floor!! Who knows they might have fractured his jaw or knocked out a tooth or two but they don't care as they take turns to beat him !!

Still Cucciolo insults them so the girls decide to humiliate him by using this useless man as their horse as all 3 of them sit astride him to make themselves as heavy as possible. Cucciolo struggles to move around as the girls cheer and insult him. To add insult to injury they make their human dog lie down on his dogs bed as they jump up and down on him in their heels!! Agony as his body becomes more and more sensitive as the abuse just gets more and more extreme.

Now he will be a seat again as the girls find his face really comfortable as they mount it time and time again. The girls haven't forgot how this guy wanted to pay them for sex so they should make sure he has no more desires to sleep with hookers permanantly. They stamp on his cock with a real determination with the main intent to castrate him......that's plain crazy!

Time for a cigarette and a boot polish now as the girls sit down and put their slave to good use. His whisky glass is their ash try and his tongue is their shoe polisher. Mistress Fanny looks down at him like he is an insect as she takes his wallet and helps herself to his credit card! That is the least of his worries though as Cucciolo has then to the horrible whisky and cigarette ash cocktail......that's simply disgusting!!!

Now the girls take a break and now taking complete control of his house they watch the TV for a while, afterall Cucciolo makes such a good seat! All three settle down on him as he struggles to keep his back straight under their combined weight. It gets worse though as he then ends up laying on his back on a bench as they sit on him, Mistress Fanny places herself directly on his face! The girls laugh and chat whilst Cucciolo fears for his life down below!

Soon they get bored of the TV and decide to torture him some more, this time using their heels. Amazing action as they dance on his body, it's a girl power thing! They look amazing but that doesn't make the pain any easier to take as Cucciolo screams for all he's worth! Infact the girls get sick of his complaints so try and shut him up by stepping on his tongue! The screams continue though and get even louder when they start trampling his head!

Further humiliation as the rich guy with big problems must to kiss and worship their sexy, but smelly barefeet. They tease him by playing with his face with their toes and painfully pinching him.

They go on to torture him by trampling barefeet harder than ever on the hard bench and they look so sexy as we look up at these domineering women as they stand majestically on his face! We can almost feel his pain as they jump up and down on his smashed up ribs, this onslaught is simply never ending!

Well the girls have just noticed he has a nice staircase which gives them a great idea! His hands can be a step as they walk up and down! Again and again the girls walk over them as the pain builds. His head is their next target. They repeatedly walk right over it, making sure to push down with maximum pressure. This action is inhuman and surely after all this continued abuse they have done some damage. They don't look too concerned though as they just carry on with the slaughter.

Well the girls decide to feed their little pathetic animal now so drag him to the kitchen. They use his house as if it were their own and eat a little something before finding some ham and pate' and crushing them into the floor. And guess who has the honor of licking this dirty mess off the soles of their shoes? The rich animal of course! He cleans it all off and is almost sick but has no choice.

The inhuman humiliation goes on as they pull his pants down and kick him up the arse! Cucciolo feels so stupid as the girls continue to laugh at him. Still with some shit on their soles, they puts them into his mouth for some more attention before trampling on him by the door. He is their doormat, so surely they are leaving now? Not quite, they actually throw HIM out, in effect putting out the trash!!! Poor Cucciolo with no pants is locked outside his own house on a freezing cold winters night!! Of course the girls take great pleasure by teasing and laughing at him through the window in "their" lovely warm house. Sleep well LITTLE MAN!

This video is nothing less than a slaughter of a human being by three beautiful cruel doms without any mercy. The level of violence, domination,humiliation and degradation is so extreme in this video that if you have any compassion at all you will feel genuinely sorry for him. Some of the sequences in this movie are seriously disturbing and might upset those of a sensitive nature. But if you enjoy watching such cruelty performed by beautiful sexy girls then this video is definitely one for you. However, be thankful it wasn't you they were abusing as then you might just change your mind!!