BRUTAL "Unpredictable girl" BRUTAL

90 mins - 5.99 EUR

Starring: Fanny and Cucciolo

Cucciolo has invited his friend's daughter to his flat to help her with some studies. He has known her since she was a child and cannot believe how much she has grown up when she arrives. She is almost a woman now, he can hardly recognise her. She enters and tells Cucciolo she will take off her shoes so not to mark the floor. Cucciolo offers her a cup of tea and notices how well educated she is as she doesn't use her fingers to put a sugar cube into her tea and is outraged by the notion of having a cigarette when it is so bad for your health. She wants to thank Cucciolo for letting her use his flat for her studies but doesn't know how. Well Cucciolo's devious mind is working over time and he has an idea how she can thank him! He lies on the floor and asks her to come over and stand beside him so he can look up at her. Fanny thinks it's a bit weird, especially when he asks her to place one of her feet on his face and chest and tease him. She really doesn't understand why, but actually starts to enjoy it as she asks him to kiss her feet. Cucciolo has corrupted the innocent Fanny in such a short time!!!

He is now starting to get excited and can't resist grabbing her foot and putting it on his chest in a hint for her to trample him. Fanny is nervous at first having not done it before but soon settles into it as she tramples every part of his body in her barefeet. She has discovered a new game and even though she often loses her balances starts to like trampling a man underfoot more and more! At this point Cucciolo tells her he would prefer her to dress more like a real woman, so Fanny leaves the room.

She then reappears now dressed in court shoes, skirt and blouse, looking very smart indeed. Well actually she doesn't look fashionable enough for Cucciolo but he keeps quiet, not wanting to hurt her feelings. She begins trampling him clumsily so Cucciolo complains, only to be told to be quiet, she explains that now she is a real woman he should stop treating her like a little baby. She tramples him with real vigour, obviously enjoying this feeling of power. 

In fact she enjoys it so much she starts to boss him about in real domineering fashion asking him to get her some tea and lick her shoes whilst she sits! Cucciolo grovels at her feet and begins to lick whilst Fanny looks down at this little insect at her feet. However she notices that Cucciolo is not being very responsive and doesn't look too motivated so she asks him if there is a problem. When he doesn't respond Fanny gets angry, she will show him exactly what she is capable of as she disappears into the other room again. 

She reappears a little later and WOW what a transformation! You wouldn't even realise it was the same girl. She looks simply stunning in her mini skirt, and cute little red blouse. What an amazing body this girl has and check out them stilettos! She demands he grovels on the floor, poor Cucciolo really doesn't know what he is in for as Fanny is really in dominant mood now. She orders him to grovel down as she places her sexy heeled foot on his head and begins to press. Cucciolo screams which only serves to make Fanny even more excited as she twists her foot, putting his head out like a cigarette! 

She then produces an orange and orders Cucciolo to get down close and watch as she erotically crushes it with all her bodyweight. Poor Cucciolo is half blinded as the juice skirts into his eyes, Fanny doesn't look too concerned though as she then orders him to eat it. She is really changing in character now, Cucciolo was not expecting this, as she plants her foot on the back of his head - she's loving it!!! 

Now for the trampling as Fanny climbs onto Cucciolo in those devilish heels hearing him scream in pain as she clumsily moves around. Terrible agony for Cucciolo as she punctures his skin again and again. To rub salt in the wound Fanny then demands he counts the marks!! Cucciolo's French is not the best and he cannot count higher than 9, this is not good! Well the punishment for this ignorance is Fanny will now trample him until he bleeds!!! 

She now demands he worship her shoes and feet but the disgusting part is when he has to lick the sweat off the inside of her shoe and the soles of her feet, urrrrhhhhgggh the smell is terrible!!!! Fanny then demands he bring her the phone as she rings her mistress friend to get some tips on slave management whilst he worships her feet. Cucciolo takes advantage of her being distracted and cheekily starts to kiss and lick her leg!! 

This is far too personal, Fanny is furious so she grabs him by the hair and gets him in an evil head lock. No way of breathing as she then brutally kicks him in the ribs, surely shattering a couple of them. She is simply overwhelming him with her brutality and seems to especially love the humiliation side as she then spits on him! Well at least that doesn't hurt but walking on his arms in stilettos certainly does, ask Cucciolo! The holes in his arms tell the whole story, but Cucciolo doesn't get a lot of chance to check them out as Fanny starts to slap him in the face!!

She then asks Cucciolo to kiss her knee sexily. Oh dear she is not pleased and Cucciolo finds out the hard way as she knees him in the face!! You can sense Cucciolo's fear now as Fanny circles around him like a lion weighing up his prey, all the time thinking what to do next. All he can do is try and please her as he worships her legs and feet as if her were serving a princess (well he is!) Fanny is just totally amazing when she dominates and humiliates men.

She now degrades him further by demanding he crawls like an insect on the floor as she laughs at him and demonstrates with the sole of her shoe how she will crush him like the little bug he is. Terrific skull crushing action next as this sex bomb steps on his head in her heels, grinding his skull into the hard floor. Don't her sexy painted toe nails make a great contrast with his screwed up agony ridden face!!

It just keeps on getting better as Fanny is getting so excited with these games she now surprises Cucciolo and changes into a full blown dominatrix outfit!!! Have you ever seen a more amazing sight than this and she's even armed with a whip. "Lick my feet you worm" is the order of the day as Cucciolo has again to worship those sexy feet. She now demands a cigarette, Cucciolo hesitates afterall she doesn't smoke right? Forget that, this is no longer the shy teenager who arrived a couple of hours ago. With her whip around his neck and her feet on his chest she enjoys her cigarette and especially enjoys it when she blows smoke into his stupid face!! How much more can she humiliate and degrade him? Well plenty as she casually chats on the phone whilst throwing a sugar cube on the floor for him to collect like a dog.

Well it actually gets even worse as she grinds the cube into the floor under her shoe and as he tries to grab it she grinds his hand into it as well! Just to make it a little more fun Fanny then puts her cigarette out on top of the sugar and guess who eat this sweet tobacco mix!! This is disgusting but Fanny hardly notices as she continues to chat on the phone!

Cucciolo is a dog again as he grovels at this dominatrix's feet. She is looking mighty mean with that whip so he better not piss her off!

Too bad, his very existence pisses her off so she decides to step on the grovelling rats tongue next!! Of course that isn't going to satisfy her sadistic cravings so get ready for some awesome headstanding and rib cracking chest trampling, you will be amazed!!

Which is more painful, heel trampling or whipping? Well that's a tough question for Cucciolo to answer as Fanny then gives him a sadistic beating with the whip. Awful pain but Fanny is loving every second of it as she ties his ankles with some rope. And what's that? Fanny notices Cucciolo has got an erection so starts to tease his cock with her heel, moving it around and pressing down.

Cucciolo starts to get really excited, and feeling really ashamed turns onto his front away from Fanny. How dare he refuse what most men would pay a lot of money for!! So in a rage she reacts by brutally whipping his back until it bleeds. Fanny is simply out of control as Cucciolo yells in sheer agony.

But it's far from over as Fanny now in a complete frenzy proceeds to stamp on his hands, whip him some more as she clamps him in a vice like grip with her legs, before some more heavy kicking and kneeing too!. This is a total massacre!!

Oh God, she's found a chain, what the hell is she planning now!!! Well actually she wants to choke him with it as Cucciolo squeals on the floor at her feet like a wounded animal. Chains and windpipes are not a good mix, but Fanny wants to do it anyway as she stands on the thick chain pinning him down by his throat as he goes purple with the lack of oxygen.

Time to finish him off now and what better way than with her shapely arse as the gorgeous Fanny sits down onto his face - full weight of course. Her leather skirt grinding into his nose as she lights a cigarette. He wriggles around trying to free himself, desperately trying to catch a breathe. His muffled screaming gets fainter and fainter, the wriggling gets slower and slower. Eventually it is silent and the movement stops. And whilst all this is happening Fanny is oblivious just sitting there comfortably on his face enjoying a nice cigarette!

Well the pictures and words speak for themselves in this amazing movie. Fanny is an absolute sensation who revels in the psychological side of domination. The fact that she happens to be unbelievably gorgeous and brutal as well doesn't do the video any harm neither!!