"Obey and shut up"

60 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Eloise, Rebecca and Cucciolo

Cucciolo is harassed today by two door to door saleswomen. They are selling ren's books and insist that he buys some. Cucciolo is not interested, telling them he has no kids yet they insist that they have books that he could enjoy too. Cucciolo foolishly teases them by pretending to sign for them and then throwing the contract away. The girls have had a stressful day, sales are not going well and are in no mood for his games and lay him down to the floor.

These two short haired babes then go about him to lick their sexy shoes as they proceed to trample his hands with their spikes. All their weight comes down on them leaving big holes in his skin. In a panic, still pinned down Cucciolo suddenly decides it would be best to sign the contract afterall and buy some damned books! The girls have brought him into it but they haven't finished with him yet they pretend to sell them all

Still some shoe licking to be done as Rebecca and Eloise orders him to clean their heels and soles with his tongue. Sexy action and great close-ups as the shoes soon start to shine. They eventually can't get any cleaner so the girls demand he takes them off....with his teeth of course!

Well now their incredible feet are revealed. Rebecca (who seems to have become famous  after the photographer) and Eloise (have you ever seen a girl with a nicer smile!) make a great duo and immediately attack his face with their barefeet. Cucciolo is wriggling around too much so they decide to tie him up with some rope to settle him. Then the kissing and licking really starts. Their soles are worshipped, their toes sucked and it's all quite sensual as the girls seem to be really enjoying it.

It's not so sensual when the girls start to pinch his nose with their toes though, and it's not made any easier when there's another foot rammed into your mouth at the same time, not allowing him to breath! It is incredible how far the girls manage to ram their feet into his mouth, causing Cucciolo to choke and gag as their toes seem to be halfway down his throat. He is literally eating feet!

The worship goes on as all we see is beautiful feet and Cucciolo's tongue working.

Great camera angles as the girls sit at the bar and continue the game. We see the action from Cucciolo's point of view as he erotically sucks their pretty toes and licks those sexy arches and soles. These girls are insatiable, they don't want this to ever stop as it feels so good!

Oh no, not the nose pinching again and even worse they are trying to choke him again too. Cucciolo will surely be sick as they keep ramming their feet deeper and deeper into his mouth, soon they will disappear altogether!

Cucciolo has been good enough, the girls are pleased as their feet feel great now, amazingly  this useless guy has improved their day. Just to get rid of them Cucciolo then writes them a huge cheque for their books and the girls leave, a bit richer now and with very clean feet and shoes!

If you like feet, then you will not find two girls with sexier ones than these two. So if footworship is your thing then why not treat yourself and escape into a world of foot fetish ecstasy!