"Facesit betrayal" 

60 mins - 5.99 EUR

Starring: Amandine, Charlotte, Dave and Cucciolo

Dave has finally arrived back in France to shoot another video with Cucciolopage. He has been busy and been away for a long time and tells Cucciolo how impressed he is with how the company has grown. Cucciolo thanks him for his kind words over a beer and tells him the company has changed in many ways and that's why he will be shooting a new kind of video today(!) Dave just chuckles and tells Cucciolo how he has been practicing hard to take extreme stiletto action in the Fetish clubs back in England and is fully prepared for a great high heel performance (maybe even as good as his legendary performance in Stiletto Stampede!) So when Cucciolo tells him he has planned a facesitting video today Dave is horrified and simply refuses. He is a world famous trample guy, and Cucciolo has a trample website, what is this bullshit? Eventually Cucciolo reluctantly backs down and promises Dave he will infact do his trample video today and not to worry. He then goes to ring the models to 'rearrange' it.

However Cucciolo has not been strictly honest with Dave, he feels this useless English guy who comes to France and gets all his expenses paid should do what he is told. This is a business afterall, it is not about his pleasure. So Cucciolo just confirms the facesit video with his models on the phone!! The beautiful Charlotte and Amandine arrive on time later on, as Dave greets them feeling excited about what he thinks is about to happen. His mood changes quickly though when Charlotte tells him (in a gorgeous French accent!), that todays video is not trampling but "facesitting!" Dave refuses so, you guessed it, the girls overpower him and order him down to the mattress.

Dave is still in shock as they tie his arms behind his back with rope. He is totally helpless as Charlotte begins to lower her shapely arse over his face. Slowly and cruelly it comes towards him before landing full weight on his face with a thud!! This is a completely new experience for Dave who experiences a suffocating sensation completely different than trampling. He tries to wriggle his head to take in some air but Charlotte stays firm in place and really does look like she's enjoying it. After all sitting on a nose as big as Dave's must offer her some sexy sensations! Amandine is always at hand to double the pressure as she sits on Charlottes knees before having the pleasure of sitting directly on that face herself too. The girls chat and joke as Dave just goes redder and redder, making some muffled noises down below!

The girls are in imaginative mood as they workout some other positions in which they can crush his head and face with every ounce of their weight. Dave really struggles when Charlotte kneels on his head (knees are less of a cushion than an arse!) as his screams get even louder when Amandine decides to double the pressure! The back of his head gets the same treatment as in a straddled position this poor trample expert has Charlottes sat on it, snapping his neck back violently. Amandine thinks she's on some sort of horse ride as she sits on his back watching the show.

These young girls are enjoying the sense of power you get from dominating an older and supposedly stronger man. He is nothing more than a comfy seat as the onslaught continues. Charlotte even finds a way of sitting on his throat whilst Amandine rests herself comfortably full weight on his face again!

The bar and chair are always very useful in this studio from hell, as Dave will find out. His head is crushed against hard plastic on the seat as the girls flatten the side of his skull in so many positions. These girls love sitting on him on the bar, they find it easier to give him their full weight this way.

The action suddenly gets more violent next as the girls suddenly discover they can cause more damage by falling backwards onto his face from a standing position! Suddenly Dave looks a little concerned as 50kg suddenly becomes more like 200 as the girls fly through the air and land heavily on his face time and time again. If this doesn't break his nose then nothing will! Amazing indeed as eventually after repeatedly smashing his face to a pulp, Dave passes away. Maybe a high heel video would have been easier for him!

Cucciolo arrives back and asks the girls how the video went and where is Dave. They tell him to not worry about Dave but worry about himself. All this violent activity and facesitting on Dave's big nose has whipped them into a bit of a violent frenzy and they want it to continue! Cucciolo's nose may not be able to penetrate as deep as Dave's but their heels will into his chest! Amazing action as Charlotte sits on his face before Amandine climbs onto his chest in those sexy, but ever so wicked,heels. If that isn' t enough then check out Charlotte stepping on his throat as Amandine sits full weight on his face....WOW!!

Double weight facesit now as Cucciolo just disappears under 2 sexy arses. Breathing is virtually impossible so all he can do is prey they don' t stay on their too long as his eye sockets are rammed into his skull and just like Dave he feels some dizziness and starts seeing stars from the lack of oxygen!

His head gets the same treatment as Dave on the chair as the girls make a great job of roping him to it's legs. He is going nowhere and all he can feel is their weight as they sexily wriggle around on his head. We get some great close-ups to give the maximum effect.

His head feels their weight again but this time without a cushion like arse to spread the weight. Both girls step on to his head in barefeet before a quiet amazing scene in which Charlotte sits on the stool whilst it rests on Cucciolo's head!! Amazing how she keeps her balance, good job Cucciolo's head is so flat then!

More trample and facesit torture as Charlotte feels so at home sitting on his throat in a wrestling position, teasing Cucciolo as he is well and truly pinned. Amandine takes this opportunity to stand on his face at the same time. Incredible action as Cucciolo experiences Charlottes arse and Amandine's feet at the same time. Well not for long as inevitably he too passes out, he is only human afterall!

Well Big Dave is finally back and in his first facesit video you won't be disappointed. Him and Cucciolo make the usual sacrifice in order to make a great video.....go through sheer hell for one hour then sit down with a cup of tea afterwards in front of the TV and enjoy watching all your hard work!