"Trample movie : Behind the scenes" 

90 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Amandine, Aurelia, Fanny and Cucciolo


Have you ever wondered how much work goes into making a successful trample movie? Well a lot more than you might imagine and this movie will give you a unique insight into all the behind the scenes action. You will get to see the arrival of our models and hear all the natural chit chat that goes on, before shooting begins. Contracts have to be signed, storylines have to be discussed and our camera women needs to discuss the technical issues for filming.

The planned  movie is going to be shot outside so we see the models, Carlo (Cucciolo) and the photographers collect their props and leave together in a couple of cars. For once what we see and hear is perfectly natural as this is all in fact real and not a story.

On arrival at the location the planning must begin as our staff instructs the models exactly what we wants them to do as the photographer works out how she is going to film it. A lot more planning goes into being beaten up by a bunch of sexy women than you might think!

Unfortunately after getting some of the movie filmed it starts to rain which causes big delays. This puts big pressure on everybody as this kind of thing can cause the time to spiral out of control .The crew wait patiently for the rain to stop.

Eventually after discussion it is decided that the best thing to do is to finish the movie back at the studio, so everybody heads back. The atmosphere has changed a little, it's frustrating all round but this kind of thing cannot be avoided. Back at the studio, Carlo discusses the changes to the storyline to make allowances for the sudden change and arrangements basically start again. The girls need to prepare themselves, they need to look their best possible for when filming begins again. It seems some of them like being filmed naturally and wave to the camera!

Technical issues are discussed as the models actually offer their own ideas to possible action in the production. Amandine and Fanny are quite experienced now and know exactly what kind of things Carlo will expect.

Sometimes the action doesn't go quite to plan though and we have to make a cut,  however the girls can find their mistakes quite funny at times! Our photographer often contributes and instructs the girls where they are going wrong. Carlo has already briefed her the kind of action she should be capturing and the style in which to film it.

After a couple of cigarette and refreshment breaks, approximately 1 hour of usable tape has eventually been filmed and the shoot is over. We see the girls, a little tired now enjoying a cigarette and a chat as they get changed and leave. It's been a long, hard day but everything worked out well in the end.

And how did the movie turn out? Well here we get to see it after it has been edited down and put together.



Fanny, Amandine and Aurelia are relaxing in the country. Suddenly there is a lot of noise, it is their neighbour Cucciolo trying to get his car going.

Aurelia complains and tells him to keep the noise down but he just tells her go get lost and is very rude.

Now he decides to listen to some music and of course very loudly. This time Fanny comes to complain and again this countryman is very rude, just continuing to listen to his music. Fanny returns and tells the girls the situation. Right that is it, this guy will have to learn some manners and the hard way!

All 3 girls return and push this rude fellow to the ground, Fanny taking great pleasure in his head to the floor under her foot! Still this man doesn't submit to the girls and even starts throwing their towel around. That is the final straw, his last chance to apologize had been wasted now is the time to cause some pain!

Incredible head standing follows causing screams much louder than any car engine or stereo!! Those heels are wicked and they do some devilish work on his ribs too as the girls all contribute to his gradual destruction. Extreme action as the girls pound their weight into his ribs before also stepping onto his face at the same time! Amandine loves standing there, will she ever get off?

The massacre continues as Cucciolo ends up with heels on his nipples, cheeks and mouth! The girls take turns to dance on his chest and take great pleasure as he grovels at their feet. Exciting indeed!

The girls then decide it would be nice to finish him off back at their flat so take him back and push him to the floor. Amazingly all 3 at once climb on to him as 6 heavy heels penetrate his flesh. Even more amazing action follows as 2 girls at once, in heels then stand on his head!!!! Together with some more facestanding in shoes this movie is turning into one long highlight film!

Head crushing is always more exciting to watch when the heels penetrate the cheeks. No problem for our models to please you then as Amandine takes great pleasure in putting holes in his face. Fanny is equally evil as poor Cucciolo also ends up getting kicked and having his fingers crushed at the same time!

Acrobatic trampling and scratching now as Cucciolo supports the weight of Amandine in his mouth! Look at the state of his body, it looks like he's been attacked by a wild animal!

Barefoot action next as we see all 3 crush his chest at the same time and then all 3 crush his face and throat at the same time! These girls will do anything, it's hard to believe how evil they are to perform stunts this dangerous in their briefing! Triple head crushing just adds to this incredible sequence, with of course some classic facestanding.

d footworship now as Cucciolo has to lick the feet that destroy him!

Incredible double weight facestanding and kicking to finish him off. Cucciolo has taken another premier league beating by beautiful women and lived to tell the tale!

If you would like trample movies to be a part of your everyday life and not just a fantasy then this will be a real treat. For the first time you will meet the actual models as they really are and Carlo (aka Cucciolo) and feel a part of the REAL, not always so glamorous world of trample. Then to compliment it we then give you the chance to escape back into fantasy as we deliver another classic hard trample movie for your pleasure. Now that's got to be a good combination!