EXTREME "The art of trampling 2" EXTREME

60 mins - 5.99 EUR

Starring: Aurelie, Zina and Cucciolo
As Cucciolo gets older he seems to get ruder by the day and less patient with his models. As usual he complains that they are not as as they should be and threatens to sack them. Today it is Aurelie and the brand new Zina's turn to show him that he is wrong..........very wrong!

Before you know it he is at their feet as both girls take turns to go back on their heels on his stomach (ouch!) "Lets see who can sink the deepest into his body"  as they both make their heels dig frighteningly deep into him. "This is so much fun let's both do it at the same time!!" Awesome action as Cucciolo is left bruised and punctured. Can you believe them marks!!

Awesome jumping now as the girls seem to fly before landing with a huge thud on Cucciolo's chest. Still sore from this Cucciolo then has to take the weight of both girls on one heel in his abdomen. Extreme stuff! But not extreme enough as Zina then climbs onto Aurelie's shoulders to double the pressure. All that weight on two little heels, amazing!!

These girls work as a team and trample as a team. Extreme action follows again as both girls dig their heels into his chest at the same time, sometimes with all their weight on just one heel to double the torture. Cucciolo doesn't know what has hit him and will surely keep his mouth shut next time. Well he wanted extreme, and he's got it!

Those heels are dangerously near to his throat as he has to lick some heels now. One wrong move and these girls could crack his windpipe. Incredibly sexy action with girls that genuinely don't give a shit!!!

Head and facestanding now,  the kind that you will only see on this site. Only Cucciolo is brave (or stupid) enough to take this kind of abuse. To see 2 gorgeous stunners trample all over a guys face and head in heels is a sight to behold. Mega-extreme action with a sexy flavor. You see these pics and think you want some of that, trust us, you don't!! Awful pain for Cucciolo as so much weight balances on such a small area of his face and skull.

Walking on his hands is not good enough for these sadists as they jump and stamp on them. His arms don't escape neither as sexy heels, worn by even sexier girls, dig deep into his skin. Soon he will have holes in his arms to match the ones in his chest!

Heel licking, tongue crushing fun next as these 2 beauties torture their slave. They tease him as they ram their heels into his mouth and abuse his hands under their full crushing weight.

Beautiful barefeet action now  which includes of course our world famous facestanding. But mixed with throat standing it is even more impressive!! Zina's feet are so cute with her painted nails but when you see them standing on a guy's face they look simply heavenly!

"Worship them feet worm", as Cucciolo grovels and must kiss and lick 2 pairs of sexy feet.

Double facestanding is almost impossible for a normal guy to take. Well Cucciolo never claimed to be normal and will amaze you as he has to take both their weight at the same time. Eye watering, nose breaking action and we love it!!

You will already know how sexy Aurelie is, but now there is also a new star in town. Zina settles in very nicely. Armed with a beautiful face, sexy feet and a great attitude she will excite you just as much as Aurelie.....and that takes some doing!!!