EXTREME "Triple facesitting mania" EXTREME

60 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Ariane, Charlotte, Fanny and Cucciolo

Ariane, Charlotte and Fanny have been waiting for Cucciolo for almost 2 hours now. There is a video today, surely he hasn't forgot? Finally he arrives only to get blasted by the girl's complaints, "Why didn't you contact us to let us know you were going to be late arse hole?" Cucciolo isn't too concerned though and just makes some flimsy excuses, he is far more concerned with the way the girls are dressed, "You were supposed to wear miniskirts today not running shorts!" he shouts. "You are sexy young models, not my grandmother and they are too tight as well, revealing your fat arses -  change them straight away!" Well I think you can imagine the girl's reaction to these comments. It is a shame he doesn't like their "fat arses" because he is about to spend some quality time being heavily crushed beneath them! The girls then lay him down to ground level, where he belongs.

They place their heels on him as they decide what they are going to do. The anticipation must be awful for Cucciolo who isn't sure what they will do neither, all he knows is it isn't going to be pleasant! Fanny then dives onto his face first. Wow, is that a sight for sore eyes(!) as this goddess in her little see-thru panties comes crashing down directly on his face with her full weight. Cucciolo is engulfed by this girls arse and pressure. Only he knows what the smell is like down there but you can be sure he's more concerned with how long he can hold his breath at this time! The trouble is Fanny is in no rush to get off, she likes this game and anyway Cucciolo is one of the all time greats at facestanding, so surely he can take a little facesitting without any problem too right?

The other girls don't want to be upstaged by the amazing Fanny so they get on as well. They are also natural sadists as they lean back and lift their legs to make sure Cucciolo gets the whole nose-breaking effect! And if that isn't enough well how about they combine their weight as Ariane climbs onto Charlottes knees to give Cucciolo that special 100kg face sit sensation!! It's not only his face neither as the side of his head proves to be an equally comfortable seat for these bitches. What a contrast between the sexes as the girls are sat down so relaxed without a care in the world as Cucciolo is trapped down below, desperately fighting for his life!!

Fanny was quite happy sat on his stomach whilst all this is going on but soon cannot resist taking part in some more extreme fun again as all 3 girls then combine their weight to crush his face! An incredible scene as all the girls pile on, how can Cucciolo take this kind of abuse?

Well he can, so there is absolutely no problem giving the side of his head the same treatment then is there! All the girls find ways to crush his body as well as his face but throughout all this action Cucciolo always seems to have Fanny's knickers in his face as she ends up the one sitting on his face. Single, double or triple weight Cucciolo is always under Fanny' sweet arse in this part of the movie. By now he is seeing stars and his eyeballs are crushed deep into their sockets. It is almost comical when the girls occasionally let him catch his breath as we see how his eyes now look like piss holes in the snow!!

Oh the girls are starting to explore all possibilities now as they contort their bodies so sexily to apply their full weight to him in the most unbearable ways possible. It is as if they are playing twister on his body, but with their arses instead of hands and feet. And in these positions the girl's arses feel even bonier than usual!!

Where's Cucciolo gone? That's the question as all the girls pile on. Oh there he is with a beautiful model sat on his face!!

Oh you cannot be serious!!! Well they are, as they place a chair on his head and all promptly take a seat. These girls are all drop dead gorgeous and Cucciolo? Well he's just drop dead...... well very soon anyway!

These girls are just so damned creative as they find another use for a plastic chair and Cucciolo's face. Which is worse for him now, not being able to breath or the pain of plastic pressing against his face? Well Cucciolo cannot talk right now, perhaps he can tell us later!!

Well it can't be easy seeing all these sexy barefeet around you but always ending up with a face full of arse at every moment. Oh and what a surprise it's Fanny (who happens to be one of our newest and most gorgeous models EVER) who is sat on Cucciolo' face again. Meanwhile Ariane and Charlotte are still playing with that chair as Charlotte digs her toes into his windpipe. If Cucciolo is struggling to breath, it is only right as one of his models that she makes him struggle just a little bit more!

This movie is just one huge highlight as now Fanny sits on his back, Charlotte stands on his face and Ariane just makes a general nuisance of herself! It seems that chairs seem to be one of these girl's favorite weapons and with his hands now tied behind his back he is in no position to argue!!

Take a seat girls, rest those sexy feet. The trouble is all the girls take a seat in exactly the same position.....Cucciolo's head!! His screaming is getting a bit tiresome now, will it increase his chances of them letting him go? Well this action is down to trust, as he is tied up and with 150kg on his head he is under complete control of the girls. He is literally helpless, so perhaps this is a perfect opportunity for them to ask him for a pay rise!!!

The wonderful action just keeps on coming as the back of his head gets the same treatment as the front. Fanny climbs on Charlotte's shoulders to give some extra poundage. So now you can be jealous of Cucciolo and Charlotte who both get the pleasure of experiencing the weight of the amazing Fanny. Well she is incredible isn't she!!

"Stuff his head under the cushion now so we don't have to see his ugly face as we crush it" the girls say as Charlotte stands on it, Fanny sits on it, before they both stand on it. It's just so great!! Ariane makes sure he goes nowhere securing him in position as the other 2 make thousands of people around the world very happy by dancing on his head!

Well he's secure now so Ariane might as well get on as well! This video is simply insane, if looking at the pictures is this exciting can you imagine what it will be like to watch the movie!

"Time to be a bridge Cucciolo and keep your mouth tightly shut whilst we crush you" Simply sensational action as the girls all climb on. Sexy arses in tight little shorts are all over the place as Cucciolo fights for his life. Don't die now Cucciolo for Christ sake, this is one of your greatest movies ever hang on in there!! Let's not worry about Cucciolo's head getting crushed against the hard wooden board, let's just check them girls out again. They are all amazing, Charlotte is one of our most popular models ever, but what can we say about Fanny!!

It wouldn't be a Cucciolo video without some trampling so that's exactly what follows. Great action as the girls walk directly over his head in their heels and Fanny is as wicked as she is beautiful as she steps rather clumsily over his skull each time.

There's 3 pairs of sexy barefeet about and also a certain guy called Cucciolo so no prizes for guessing what happens now. Amazing facestanding action, exactly the way we know you want it.

Yep the trampling is hard and it continues that way as Ariane climbs on to his face (oh forgot to mention - the other two strangle him at the same time) but we know what you want and it's about to happen. Fanny decides to sit on that face again (hooray!!!) as the other girls tie their legs round his neck. Total domination as Fanny sits on her throne as if his face belongs to her.

Oh no, he's dead. Well I suppose if you had to die, you could do a lot worse than suffocating under Fanny's perfect arse! The small matter of him not breathing anymore doesn't stop the girls from climbing on one last time for a victory pose. Thank you girls!!!

Is it possible for an extreme video to be super sexy as well? Well in making this video we have proved it can and in a big way too! This is a roller coaster of combined with some of the sexiest action we have ever produced. We have only one word to say to you to help you decide if you want to buy this amazing movie or not..........FANNY!!!!!