"Your pain, my pleasure !"        

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring: Estelle, Jennifer and Cucciolo

Cucciolo arranges a meeting with two of his models, Estelle and Jennifer. He is not happy with their trampling, feeling their technique is simply not good enough. This is a final warning before they will be surely axed from his model list. He explains that at, even though his page is famous for it's he doesn't want to get injured because of their poor balance. They are the worst of all his models and give him more injuries than anybody else. This involves scratches and rib injuries as they are no good at distributing their weight, always pressing down on their heels. To explain the concept of safe but hard trampling much better he asks them to sit down on two stools whilst he draws diagrams. He starts with explaining how to go about crushing a stomach, one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Cucciolo is very serious but the girls find it a bit funny, especially when they see his little drawing of a man (they do have a point!) Cucciolo isn't laughing and also draws a shoe, explaining how they should put a lot of weight on the sole but give the false impression that their weight is coming down on the heel. All the other girls have learnt it apart from them, it is a question of attitude. Estelle interrupts insisting "that is not trampling" Cucciolo angrily explains that it doesn't take puncturing his stomach until it s to make a good video, "have you got it?" He feels that Estelle is probably the worst trampler of all and then suggests a demonstration and lies down.

Estelle gets on, but she's obviously not been listening as straight away her weight goes on the heels. Cucciolo's screams alone would tell us that. He starts to yell at her, but amazingly she denies it insisting her weight is on the soles. It would appear this girl is not very bright. Cucciolo cannot believe she is this stupid and gives her another chance to prove herself. Aaarrrrrggghhh!! You get the impression that she still hasn't learnt anything as again her heels dig deep into Cucciolo's stomach. Cucciolo gives up with her, insisting she is the stupidest model he has ever met! It's Jennifer's turn now, surely she cannot be as bad as Estelle. Cucciolo starts to talk about the importance of avoiding trampling on nipples. They are so painful, you must treat them like land mines and avoid them at all costs. "Clear enough? AVOID THE NIPPLE!" Well Jennifer gets on and faces away from him and guess what? Yes, she steps directly on his nipples with both heels! Cucciolo's screams are totally unbelievably. She tramples up and down on him and keeps ending up treading on his nipples with her sharp heels. In desperation he starts to shout. Jennifer claims she didn't realize she was on his nipples. It would seems she is as stupid as Estelle. They have learnt nothing, obviously not listening.

Cucciolo then attempts to explain the art of shoe worship whilst standing on a man next. As all the weight is on one shoe it is extra important that the weight is on the sole. Of course Jennifer's weight ends up on her heel and to make things worse when she gets off she stands on his face first! Cucciolo explains this is supposed to be foot worship, foot in the face, not on the face! Cucciolo is starting to realize these girls will never change. Oh well, time to soldier on. Estelle's turn. Now he wants her to stand on his face in shoes but must be careful to put her weight on the soles. He explains slowly, causing Estelle to react insisting she is not stupid. Well, maybe she is as straight away her heels  come crashing down on his cheeks, leaving deep indents in them, Stryder style! Maybe Estelle has forgot that Cucciolo is not Stryder and that this is not the sequel of Stryder's deadly  dream . Poor Cucciolo!

He is now desperate and is starting to lose all hope. He now asks them to trample him at the same time, carefully and still in their heels. He wants weight on soles, with some respect for their victim, not a lot to ask for is it? Af first things seem to be going right as they both climb onto his chest and stomach, but suddenly it goes wrong. Cucciolo's screams are becoming a familiar sound now as the girls again clumsily press down their full weight on their heels. With 2 of them being on him as well, it is totally unbearable for Cucciolo and his body is already looking a total mess.

He decides to give them two more chances to prove themselves with hand and arm crushing. Both can stand on his arm at once but it is essential that the weight is on the soles or they could quite easily break his arm. Well you guessed it, the two stupid girls from hell go back on their heels and puncture his arm deeply. The worst kind of pain imaginable for Cucciolo and a bit of fun for the two crazy bitches. His conclusion is that these two girls are either very stupid or very sadistic, maybe a bit of both. It is their last chance, some hand trampling now. If they want to ever work for him again, they better get it right this time. The girls finally put some weight on their soles but the trouble is they both decide to twist and grind at the same time, so still intense pain for Cucciolo. You can hear his bones crunching and it gets even worse when all their weight goes on the very front of their shoes. Estelle even jumps up and down on his hands like the bitch we all know she is.

Cucciolo has finally had enough and attempts to push the girls towards the door, they will not be working for him again. The girls are angry and insist they've done nothing wrong, not wanting to leave. Well Cucciolo has more criticisms, it turns out another reason he wants to sack them is because he thinks they both have ugly feet. Everyone knows beautiful faces and hard trampling is not enough without nice feet too. The girls are furious, they have great feet and take off their shoes to prove it. Well they are perfectly right, both of them have gorgeous feet, perhaps Cucciolo is the only crazy person here! Still he wants them to leave but they have no intention on leaving, they plan on trampling him exactly how they want to. Why should he dictate what happens all the time? They both climb onto his body and begin transferring their weight on the balls of their feet, toes and heels. Such sexy girls! Jennifer is a clumsy sexy girl though as she steps on his face, her feet are all over the place!

The 2 bombshells then dive onto his chest and start to jump, and jump they do as these girls fly in the air. They enjoy controlling the action, you see this clearly as they both step onto his stomach, their bare feet sinking deep into his flesh. They face different ways but the result is always the same.......suffering! It gets nastier when they start to pinch his skin with their toes, Estelle goes for the nipples, Jennifer his nose. Poor Cucciolo is treated like a piece of shit, he is there little plaything. His arms get the treatment again, but this time in barefeet. Not as painful as in shoes maybe, but still no picnic, especially when they jump. These girls should play basketball, it is amazing the height they achieve and the strength they generate. There is some serious strength next as well as the girls begin their marching session. Cucciolo tries to catch a breath in between stomps but little chance as 100kg comes crashing down on him repeatedly.

d footworship next, which isn't a bad thing when the girls are as beautiful as this! We are treated to loads of great close-ups too to heighten the excitement. Well don't relax Cucciolo, the trampling is not over yet, not even close! Amazing double facestanding now which will amaze you. What makes it even more exciting is the girls keep doing it again and again! 100kg on his face might not be a lot of fun for Cucciolo but it sure is for the girls! Extreme is probably the best word to describe this action. Double headstanding next as Cucciolo screams in disapproval. It is simply wonderful to watch the girls smile and do it more in response to his groans. What an amazing scenario. great to watch, not so much fun to endure!!

Cucciolo ends up with 2 sexy feet in his mouth next as the girls want him to make their toes feel nice with his tongue. This is too easy though so the girls soon decide it is time for some real suffering again as Estelle gets on to Jennifer's shoulders before she steps double weight onto his throat!!! Nobody can survive this kind of treatment and sure enough Cucciolo dies yet again (how many lives has this fucking guy got!)

This fantastic video shows clearly how our models really don't need direction on trampling. For them it is as hard as possible or not at all! This means great videos for you and never ending suffering for Cucciolo. Our models are unique, mercy is not a word they understand, English or French!