"Multi-trample madness"       

70 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Amanda, Angelique, Edwige, Licia, Lola, Lou, Monica, Nicole, Nina, Perele and Cucciolo 

Cucciolo is out of control, his quest to set new standards of trampling action has spiraled out of control. Now he wants to make a video with him under 30 girls! Lola is in charge of organising it but there are problems. Cucciolo arrives and counts the girls. There are only 10, what the hell! He's furious and asks Lola what is going on. She just apologises, most of the girls hadn't turned up or had cancelled at the last minute. Well Carlo isn't satisfied and without thinking selfishly cancels the video.

Well you can imagine what the girl think of this. Some of them had travelled far and cancelled other arrangements to get there. Well they decide that, in one way or another, there will be some trampling today! Angelique grabs him by his hair and pushes him to the ground. All the sexy girls then start to beat him with their newspapers. 5 of these girls are brand new models so it will be interesting to see how they deal with Cucciolo. Mind you it should be okay with experienced girls like the sadistic Angelique to show them the ropes! Terrible, terrible pain follows as all 10 girls dive onto his body at the same time!! Terrible in barefeet, suicide in heels!! Poor Cucciolo has disappeared under all those shoes, it would seem these 5 rookies are settling in quite nicely. His arms, legs, head and body are completely crushed under 20 heels, fantastic action!! Angelique then steps onto his face, her shoes completely crushing his features, will that girl ever change! After his face changing shape the girls decide to get in a line on his body and let somebody else have a go at stepping on his face, this time in boots. It's amazing to see 10 beautiful girls teaming up to trample a single guy. Individually they're gorgeous, but together they have lethal crushing power!

Well the girls want to play another game now, the counting game. They take turns to trample his chest and stomach, while their friends count to 50 and spur them on. It turns into a contest to see who can do it the hardest, these girls are really inspired and show real motivation playing this 'fun game'. It is never ending torture for poor Cucciolo as one girl gets off, another gets straight on. Soon his body is in a shocking mess under this seriously brutal assault.

Shoe worship now and what amazing action it is. The lucky Cucciolo has shoes in his face from every direction, and all those beautiful faces looking down at him. After the terrible pain before this must be complete heaven for him.
Some guys have all the luck!!

Well his luck is about to change as the girls now want to excercise and go for a  walk......all over Cucciolo!! Repeatedly the girls step over his body, one after another. Different types of shoes, and heels but always the same vicious trampling. Not one of the 10 bitches step carefully as again and again their heels dig into his body. You can actually see Cucciolo's body changing colour and hear his screams get higher and higher pitched! They have zero respect for their human doormat and can be seen to enjoy his stress.

After being trampled half to death underneath this beautiful female stampede, Cucciolo is finally given permission to remove their shoes (relief!!) But the suffering will continue and contiue big time! The beauties dive on and Licia is the first to ram her sexy barefeet onto his face and give him her full weight. This combined with other girls climbing onto him means they are again completely knocking the wind out of this little guy under their feet. Licia stays on for an age before it's time for some other girls to have a turn. At this time Cucciolo doesn't get to see a whole lot of daylight as there always seems to be a girl stood on his face!! A different barefoot each time, a different aroma but always the same squashed nose!

Fantastic throat crush action follows as Cucciolo must fight for breath as these gorgeous assassins take turn to stand full weight on his throat. At first slowly and then it turns in to a bit of a sprint. It's exciting to see Cucciolo's neck and head sink into the mattress under all this weight. His face then gets the full treatment under 2 feet at a time. Half a ton overall is on his face in only a couple of minutes.

Time for the heavy stuff again as all the girls climb on at the same time and Angelique is the first to stand on his face
(no surprise there!) How he breaths with one on his face and 5 on his body we'll never know! The action is constant and very heavy as the girls keep changing positions. Cucciolo is really starting to sweat now under this ridiculous weight.
This is multitrample in the extreme and at its best. It's almost inhuman what Cucciolo is taking at this point (perhaps he is so upset now that all 30 girls didn't arrive!).

Next the girls take turns to jump on his head! This scene is brutal and funny as Cucciolo makes musical screams in rhythm with the girls jumps. The girls want to try something new now so make a bet between themselves to see who can perform the most original trample position. Some spectacular positions follow from these competitive girls (check out the pics!)
but Lola eventually wins (perhaps she used to work at a circus or something).

Glorious footworship now as at last Cucciolo can finally enjoy having 10 beautiful girls in his studio.
No stress now just fantastic action with 20 sexy barefeet and 1 not so sexy Cucciolo!

The girls even start to believe they're cheerleaders as they stand in sequence to demand some footworship. it looks like Cucciolo is going to be busy but somehow we don't feel that sorry for him! Eventually Cucciolo falls asleep, completely surrounded by feet in his own little heaven. Sleep well Cucciolo (lucky bastard!)

Here you have multitrample at it's absolute best. 10 sexy girls (5 brand new) and one durable victim who takes ridiculous abuse for the whole video. It doesn't get any better or heavier than this, not even in you dreams!