EXTREME "Punctured for stealing" EXTREME

70 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Ingrid, Lola, Dave and Cucciolo 

Cucciolo is off on a well deserved holiday, so he leaves Dave in charge while he's away.
He instructs him on his duties and tells him not to do any videos whilst he's away. He says goodbye and leaves.

Dave feels an opportunity presenting itself. He gets hold of Cucciolo's private diary and decides to contact some girls for a selfish private trample session. Lola is his favorite girl so he gives her a quick ring and tells her to bring the equally gorgeous Ingrid with her.  They arrive and immediately sense something isn't right. Dave insists that Cucciolo doesn't mind but unluckily for him Cucciolo rings up and senses something isn't right. The girls grab the phone off him and Cucciolo tells them that Dave has no right arranging a private session and they won't be getting paid. They are furious with this cheeky English guy and decide to punish him

Lola immediately digs her heel into his foot. This is no joke believe us as her heels are very thin and Lola is no lightweight! These 2 gorgeous amazons then order him down to worship  Lola's sexy shoes. It's not as much fun as you might think as she stands on his hands with her full weight at the same time!

If Dave thinks that was tough, he's had nothing yet as Ingrid steps onto his back in them vicious heels. Her weight helps the heels to penetrate his skin and to make things even worse the gorgeous but sadistic Lola stands on the palms of his hands using her dagger like heels to. Soon he has holes in his hands and a red scratched back and the video has only just begun!
Somehow with the girls being so gorgeous you cannot help imagine that the pain won't be as bad, well it is,
and when the girls start walking over his hands repeatedly he is reminded of this.

Unbelievably the pain is about to get much, much worse as Dave has to lay his head down on the hard wooden platform. Then the girls take turns to walk and stand all over his head whilst still wearing their spikes! Dave's screams tell the whole story. This is the scene he wants to be over as quickly as possible believe us! The girls plant their full bodyweight on his skull again and again, surely it will crack eventually!

Next some amazing action as the girls just step onto his body as if it was part of the floor. Have they forgot they are both wearing lethal spikes? Dave's screams have to be heard to be believed. Lola's heels are so thin that surely if she puts her full bodyweight on one of them they will to straight through him! They sink deep into his skin but amazingly Dave is still breathing. Ingrid seems to be having fun as she dances on his stomach, the agony is intense, the action mega- extreme! They get on in every position but the result is always the same.....pain! Dave's body is a total mess now but the girls just carry on, it's all a game for them. Beautiful and evil, what a great combination! The shoe worship is the usual nightmare as all the girls weight is transferred onto one heel.

It can't get any worse can it? Well yes, as now they decide they want to crush his head some more! Lola likes this and is very quick to get on first. All her weight on Dave's skull as Ingrid just dances on his chest. Lola then takes a turn on his chest but she leans back to see just how deep her heels can penetrate. Her heels are so thin it's obvious this is dangerous but Lola doesn't look too concerned! Eventually, in a really sexy scene Dave gets the chance to take off their shoes one by one.
Sexy but painful as the girls are stood on him as he does it, ouch!

The shoes are off now and the girls look so sexy in their stocking feet. Not as dangerous without their spikes but still able to cause serious damage. Dave realises this as they trample his body, bouncing up and down, then placing their weight on their toes. Then the dreaded Lola decides to step onto his face. She looks so elegant whilst Dave looks so, well, so squashed. Ingrid crushes his arms to pin him down. Next they decide to double the pressure and step onto his head at the same time.
Dave, with his head pinned against the wood is in total agony, there's nearly 120kg resting on his skull and suddenly
he has a headache and passes out.

Unfortunately he wakes up and the evil girls are still there. They are in a jumping mood. Poor Dave is smashed into the ground before Lola decides to jump on his head. She shows him a shocking lack of respect as she literally jumps on his head!! Suddenly Cucciolo arrives, he is furious that Dave has been looking at his private diary and using his girls for a private trampling. He demands Lola finishes him off or she'll never work for him again.
The jumping that follows is awesome, Lola well and truly finishes him off!

Cucciolo thinks he's clever getting Lola to kill Dave but he'd better start worrying for his own safety. The girls want paying and when he refuses they decide he will pay in one way. They lay him down to the floor. Ingrid steps onto his face, her considerable foot completely engulfing his face, Lola has a go. Cucciolo's nose is getting smaller under all this sexy weight. Next the body trampling begins, these amazons possess real crushing power, ask Cucciolo! Some awesome head standing follows, these girls look so much bigger now they are crushing Cucciolo instead of Big Dave!

Cucciolo is becoming a bit of a nuisance so the girls decide to tie his hands with a stocking. Now he's unable to move they can go about crushing him easier and decide to take their stockings off at the same time. Great facestanding follows,
Cucciolo's screams will make you realise this. His head gets similar treatment, these girls never let up!

Some footworship next, great close-ups of their delicious toes with the sexy nail polish. Trouble is it isn't long enough for Cucciolo as the girls decide to use his body as a trampoline next and take turns to bounce up and down on his beaten chest. Great action as the girls have so much fun as Cucciolo's ribs begin to crack under the pressure!

Head crunching action on the bar next as the girls take turns to walk over his head on this hard surface. Great low down angles follow of this lethal game. All their weight crushing poor Cucciolo's skull without the luxury of a mattress. Time to scream!

Back on the floor and some barefoot face smothering action and the usual fantastic trampling.
These two girls are as aggressive as they are beautiful, no doubt about that!!

Oh no, the shoes are back on and what shoes they are. Totally lethal heels on the feet of totally lethal girls. Cucciolo's screams are unbelievable and he even takes Ingrid's shoes off in desperation! Well she just stands on his face in bare feet instead, letting Lola abuse his stomach in her spikes. Great action, in fact it's so great he ends up beaten. C'est la vie!

Extreme can be sexy and this video proves it! The girls don't get sexier than these two and the heels don't get much sharper. This video is what trampling is all about, it's fantastic!!!