"Business Meeting" 

65 mins - 5.99 EUR

Starring:  Lola, Rachel, Rebecca and Cucciolo.

There's an important Business meeting going on between 3 gorgeous women. They're waiter, Cucciolo, arrives with the s and starts asking questions. Whilst pouring them out he starts to look at Rachel' legs and ends up spilling them. Rebecca, who is the boss, is furious with this clumsy pervert and orders him to get down and lick their shoes.

Cucciolo then ends up lay down outside the door as these 3 stunners take turns to walk over his bare body in their wicked spikes. Rebecca continually taunts him as they repeatedly pound their heels into his body. One at a time these tall, sexy and elegent ladies walk over their helpless victim with a shocking lack of respect.

Now they want to crush his hands and spine so Cucciolo is ordered to get down on all fours. Rebecca of course is the first to get onto him (afterall she is the boss!). Her heels dig deep into his spine and Cucciolo's screams gradually get louder. and louder It gets even worse as the other girls crush his fingers at the same time! When Lola crushes them it's really sexy as it looks like she is trying to put out a cigarette as she grinds her shoe into them. The girls then begin to scratch his back with their heels before Lola takes her turn to step on to  it. His back is a real mess now, full of red marks and indentations. Rebecca still taunts him as she digs her heels into the palms of his hands. These girls obviously mean business!

Next they decide it's time to crush his chest and stomach as well so they order him to turn around. Rebecca again is the first to get on. Her full body weight on 2 little heels dig into his chest and to make it worse Lola climbs onto his stomach. Her legs are so sexy in those stockings. Meanwhile the equally sexy Rachel continues to crush his hands. All 3 then begin the demolition of his upper body. Cucciolo is amazingly brave and takes this abuse for an amazing amount of time. Now for some extreme pain as Rebecca stands on his face whilst the others join s to crush his body. All the time she teases him, not giving a shit about his obvious distress. She actually calls him handsome as she crushes his face!

The onslaught continues as the girls take turns to dance on their slave. Rebecca orders him to kiss her shoes whilst being trampled. They then take turns to step over his throat in their lethal footwear. Cucciolo is helpless, all he can do is watch those sexy stocking clad legs walk over his windpipe. The girls gang up on him and attack his head, chest and stomach with their favourite weapon...they're spikes! They walk in a circle, right over his chest then his fingers. This action is continuous, every step meaning Cucciolo is getting a bit sorer. We go from the painful to the sexy as Rebecca slips one of her shoes off and orders him to kiss her stockinged foot. The other girls follow, Lola decides to tease him, now this is sexy. We get great close-ups of Cucciolo kissing her toes with her sexy silver nail polish. He is such a lucky guy, especially as Rachel is about to follow!

Well not for long as the fun now has to stop and the pain must begin! All 3 crush his body in their stocking feet, 6 sexy feet sinking deep into him. Of course it's our now famous facestanding to follow and of course it's the evil Rebecca who goes first! Rachel gets on next, she keeps telling him, "I want to walk on your face" Then it's Lola, she was tall before but she gets even taller as she steps on his face! Her full bodyweight bares down on his nose, it's a good jobs he's used to this. Rebecca then does some ballerina facestanding as her assistants help crush his body. Next for some heavyweight stuff as  Rebecca gets on Lola's shoulders and she steps full weight on his face! This really does bring tears to his eyes!

After having over 110kg parked on his face Cucciolo deserves a break so the girls treat him to some sexy footworship. As usual he makes the very best of this part and goes at it from every possible angle! A 5 minute taste of heaven for our squashed hero.

We go from sexy stocking feet to sexy barefeet as the crushing resumes with Rebecca and Rachel. Lola had to leave for another important business meeting, bet it wont be as interesting as this one! A great feast of facestand, worship and general abuse is about to follow. Rebecca doesn't stop talking, she really enjoys abusing Cucciolo. She sounds great and looks great and check out her sexy feet! We get great close-ups during the double facestanding! Infact it was probably that which finally finishes him off!

With Lola and Rachel we have 2 of our sexiest girls. With Rebecca we have a beautiful girl with a gift for tormenting and humiliating men. When you put the three of them together, well..... you are in for a real us!