"Human furniture destruction"

60 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring:  Amelie, Kaoutar, Margo and Cucciolo

The sexy cleaners are hard at work when Cucciolo arrives home. He isn't impressed with their work and foolishly criticises the girls. Not a great idea really as the girls are in no mood for this irritating little man. They push him to the floor and demand he takes his shirt off. I wonder what could possibly be coming next?

Well not what you might expect, they wrap  him inside the carpet and begin to jump and trample on it. It's very claustrophic for poor Cucciolo, all we can hear are his muffled screams as the girls playfully trample him. This game seems to go on forever, somehow we get the impression the girls are enjoying it. They march up and down as if they were in the army and Cucciolo was their platform. They all dive on next and triple the pressure, Cucciolo must be starting to get a little hot now.

Next it's time for a spot of TV. The girls are relaxed but are without something to rest their tired feet on . They begin to imagine how nice it would be to have a human coffee table. We enter into their dream and now Cucciolo is their coffee table. The girls just casually chat and have a cigarette, totally oblivious to their human furniture. Then it's time for a comfortable seat, so what could be comfier than Cucciolo? Amelie has the prime position sat on his head, until Kaoutar offers her assistance and they both sit on it at the same time! Then back to some good old fashioned tramping. With and without shoes the girls beat the shit out of our helpless victim.

Well there's some great foot worship and facestanding to follow. These really are 3 gorgeous girls and it's not a bad life for the lucky Cucciolo. The girls desperately try to balance on his face, you can really sense his suffering as the girls show him such little respect trying to get the perfect balance.

Now we go under the table as Cucciolo continues with his footworship duties. The girls decide they are hungry and raid his fridge. They eat their food, totally oblivious to their little slave down below. Total humiliation for Cucciolo as the girls are not only making him grovel at their feet in his own home but also eating all his food!  It looks so sexy to see 6 stocking feet completely smothering his face at once. His back comes in handy as well as their personal foot rest.

What do you do when you're ironing board is a little too high? Simple......stand on Cucciolo! He really is such a handy guy to have around the house, every girl should have one! They step on him as if he was just a part of the floor as they iron their shirts. They take turns, then all decide to get on at the same time....why not?!

Next they visit an office to be inteviewed for a new cleaning job. Well guess who provides himself as their chairs? Cucciolo of course and he's not only very comfortable, but also  heated and fully adjustable!

Well enought of that, time for some more great trampling. The action is hard with a capital 'H'. Double facestanding is the order of the day at first. Cucciolo is in real pain and his nose is looking seriously flat. The action is relentless, it is obvious these girls enjoy stepping on his face. Though Amelie seems to also especially enjoy jumping on his chest. They then gang up on him to crush the last breath out of him and soon Cucciolo is no more.

To be human furniture under beautiful dominant women is a really popular fantasy amongst trample guys. Well watching this great movie will only increase your urges further still! Who knows you might end up heading straight to your local shop to buy an ironing board which is that little bit too high for your girlfriend!