"Thigh boot threesome"

70 mins - 14.99 EUR

!!! EXTREME !!!


Starring:  Angelique, Claire, Marion, Dave and Cucciolo 

Dave arrives at his girlfriend's flat. He is taking her and her 2 mates to a fetish club. However when he sees what they're wearing he thinks they look too sexy and demands they get changed immediately. Well you guessed it, he is going to get trampled a bit sooner than he expects now, nobody tells these girls what to do!  They push him on to the hard, cold floor and begin the trampling. Dave is a tall guy so there's plenty of room for all 3 girls and their 6 spikes on his upper body. Let the torture begin! We get treated to some incredible action and the girls look absolutely stunning. They transfer they're body weight from heel to heel, digging deep into Dave's flesh, all he can do is beg for them to stop. Trouble is the girls are only getting off when they're ready. Soon they need to take the weight off they're feet (and Dave!) and all take a seat......on Dave! They enjoy a cigarette and a on they're human seat. Claire even uses Dave's head as a seat and hand as an ashtray, sooooo sexy!

Well enough 'rest' Dave, now back to the real action. They drag him on to the floor and all climb on again. Already Dave's skin is full of marks and is very delicate so its a real shock when they all climb on again. Dave screams in agony - come on Dave, it's most guys dream to have 3 gorgeous leather clad girls on them, what the hell is wrong with you? Is it not a lot of fun when they put all they're weight on one heel leaving deep holes in your body? Well now Marion wants to stand on your head so brace yourself! Dave hates girls in shoes standing on his head and perhaps by his screams you might be able to work this out yourself! Claire also has a turn, she must have found a better angle as Dave's screams are not quite as loud this time, and then its Angelique's turn......gulp!  Finally Dave thinks the head standing is over when Marion decides to have another go, it's just not his day is it!

Well these sadistic beauties now decide to turn to his hands and perform some great teamwork as  they also trample his back at the same time. Anybody who has been under girls in heels before will know just how painful back trampling in heels is. Then they push him over and trample his body at the same time as his hands, again and again they're heels disappearing into his stomach. His body is a real state now. Back on to the hard floor next, this time spread eagled. 2 girls stand on his arms whilst the third goes back on her heels on his chest and stomach. Dave's screams have to be heard to be believed, this is one of those parts of a video when you question why are you here! The girls take turns for this genuine torture. His skin is getting more and more sweaty which makes the pain even worse and the marks are truly incredible now. Even though the girls get on one at a time you get the impression this is the toughest part of the video as the girls dance on his body with all they're weight on he heels.

 The girls are getting tired and need a foot massage, bet you can guess who'll be doing it! They sit down as Dave takes they're boots off and begins kissing they're sexy stocking feet. What the hell, Dave deserves a bit of fun after this incredible performance. However after they're feet are refreshed again they want to finish him off, so in stockings feet they crush his face and jump up and down on him until he is totally beaten. Well if you're going to die it might as well be this way! Rest in Peace Dave.

Cucciolo arrives looking for Dave. The girls tell him not to be concerned about him and just tell him to kiss they're boots. He can forget the fetish club tonight, everything is going to happen right here. Cucciolo cleans they're shoes as Angelique sits on him. As usual he does a good job, well lets see what kind of job he does when the brutal trampling begins. They place his hands on the bar and begin the finger crushing full weight, ouch!

Before he knows it he on the floor and completely under those heels. They take turns to walk over his body with no mercy at all. Cucciolo plays  a tune with his screams but they just carry on. Then for quite an amazing scene as Claire stands on his face in her boots for what seems like an age. We get some great close-ups, they are so graphic you can almost feel the pain yourself!

Eventually the boots come off, you can clearly see Cucciolo's relief. Little does he know ahead lies some of the hardest face and head standing ever to be filmed. The girls begin by trampling his puny body and Angelique (who else?) steps full weight on his face. They casually chat between themselves as Cucciolo tries to desperately breath with 50kg on his nose. The girls take turns to crush his face whilst the other 2 dance on his body. They're feet look fantastic in their barely black stockings. All 3 then begin to crush his chest, again having a little chat whilst Cucciolo is in his own private hell (or is it heaven?) After all this amazing facestanding the girls decide to finish him off with some even more amazing head standing. After taking turns to jump(!) on his head, and crush his face and body a little more, they all then decide to stand on his head again but this time ALL AT ONCE! What's equally amazing is how long he takes it for. Eventually his head finally caves in and Cucciolo is again in trample heaven.

Well everyone knows our models are always beautiful but it seems they have hit new heights in this incredible video. Clare, Marion and Angelique look simply STUNNING in this movie. If they're trampling doesn't take your breath away they're sexiness certainly will. When you combine their beauty with the super extreme action you have the makings of another classic. Simply a fantastic video!