"High heeled execution"

55 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring:  Amelie, Estelle, Feriel , Stryder 

Our members and fans know that we make the most brutal multiple trampling videos in the world but this time we have made not only two of the most savage and frightening videos we have made but they are like nothing you have ever seen anywhere before.  Our friend the "Undisputed King" of severe heel trample Stryder has been invited to France from downunder to talk about making some videos with Cucciolo Page.  He arrives to organise the videos but only the girls are in the studio so he decides to leave and come back later.  The beautiful Feriel, Amelie and Estelle however have heard about Stryder and have other plans.  They have planned to take him to the edge of life and destroy him under their heels in ways we have never seen before.  They drag him into the studio throw off his clothes and push him to the hard floor where they immediately all trample him under their deadly sharp heels.

Because the girls have heard how much pain Stryder can take they have decided to use their full weight on their heels in the most painful ways they can.  The full weight upturned face trampling will make you feel dizzy and queasy but amazed as they try to pierce his face and head with their full heel weight.  There is no sole of the foot standing only.  Your will wonder why Stryder's head does not crush like an egg shell and the heels go right through his cheeks.  You will shudder as the girls rock back on their heels to sink them into Stryder's chest, throat, face and stomach.  They deliberately seek out with their heels all the areas of the body that most people find the most painful.  The nipple torture the girls subject our victim to is unbelievable as they put all their weight on the heels and dig them into Stryder's nipples so far that they almost disappear.  When the heels comes off the nipple you can see the cuts and damage and the nipple is almost pushed inside out.

Just when you think that poor old Stryder can't take anymore without going to trampler's heaven the lovely strawberry bonde Estelle makes Stryder put his hands above his head and stands on both hands with her heels full weight and demands that Stryder lift her over his face.  He is so weak from the torture but manages this dangerous move and holds her directly over his face.  One slip or loss of strength and this beautiful cruel demon will crash down 1 metre directly onto Stryder's face in her killer heels....goodbye Stryder.  Stryder survives luckily but then if this were not enough the vicious goddess Amelie wants her turn and says to Stryder "If you are strong lift me".  Again Stryder risks his health and life by lifting and holding this wonderful cruel girl over his face.  We have never seen anything like this and neither have any of you....incredible action, pain and danger.

This action only seems to make the girls go into destruction and cruelty overdrive.  They all trample Stryder each trying to outdo the other with how far they can dig and grind their heels into Stryders already damaged body.  They seem intent on breaking through his skin and stabbing his internal organs.  You will feel faint watching the cuts, bruises and heel marks and damage appear under their feet.  For probably the first time ever you will witness two girls standing with their full weight on their heels and on one foot one Stryder's face (no side of the head action here)  he cannot breathe or call for help and you can almost hear the bones in his face and jaw cracking under the pressure the girls just laugh because he cannot talk.  He is barely alive under this constant devilish behaviour.

Just as you are all hoping for some rescue for our beloved friend the girls have other plans.  Estelle tramples Stryder onto his stomach and stands with her heel in his spine full weight and pushes his head to the floor with her other heel.  Feriel and Amelie then subject Stryder to the most intense full weight heel crushing of Stryders hands and fingers.  You can see the skin being damaged and the bones crushing and the marks that are left after each attempt to puncture his hand or break his fingers look like a crucifixion this will frighten and amaze even the most hardened hand trample fans.  Estelle changes places to enjoy her turn.  The girls ask Stryder if he likes dancing and then twist and grind his hands under their dancing nasty so mean.  If this is not enough the girls make Stryder lay his head on the hard floor and walk on it using all their weight.  This is not good enough for them and Estelle and Amelie stand for ages on his head digging the full weight of their heels into his eye area and head.  The indentations left by the heels when the finally get of are just horrible and remained for days.  Stryders head was so damaged that he could not eat for days or chew.  We thought his entire head would crush and explode.  The girls then make Styder lay near a stool while they torture his nipples, throat and more shockingly dig their heels into his eyes. Estelle and Amelie particularly enjoy the eye torture when will it end and how will it end.  Only Stryder's complete destruction will make them happy.

The girls are in a frenzy by now and are obviously upset that their victim is still alive.  They really try with all their strength to puncture his body and you will not believe how hard and how deep they slam and grind their heels into this battered and damaged "Trample Myth".  The nipple torture is just shocking and never seen like this before Feriel rocks back so hard the her heels disappear into the place where Stryder's nipples once were.  Amelie stomps his face so hard that his mouth s and his nose and mouth become so sore and damaged that he can hardly breathe even when they are not crushing his face (which is not often).  Stryder has to swallow Feriel and Amelie's heels whilst they stand on his throat full weight how can he survive this.  They totally destroy his chest, stomach and groin and enjoy his pain and seem to be waiting for him to become an extinct legend.  Amelie tries to push Stryder's end by using the heel of one foot only full weight right on the most dangerous part of Stryder's throat.  You will not believe the incredible cruelty and as the girls make Stryder lay against the wall and all three kick his face, chest and stomach so hard that you can see his body spasm and crash against the wall from the impact.  These are real kicks and not play action so please never let this happen to you unless you are crazy, insured or Stryder.  We lost count of the multiple hard kicks our friend took.

You will see a human being put through the most excruciating torture and brutal treatment by these gorgeous cruel and beautiful ladies you will question Stryder's sanity or theirs.  The damage to Stryder is so bad we think if he survives he will go straight home to Australia.  Does he go home? Does he survive to make even more savage trample action you will have to stay glued to our site and buy this video IF YOU THINK YOUR HEART WILL TAKE IT.