"The land of the giantess"

60 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring:  Myriam, Dave and Cucciolo 

Dave is tired and has decided he is not in the mood to go watch his giant wife play basketball as he promised. Well that's a big mistake, she is now going to use her colossal 1.88 metres and 70kg to teach him a harsh lesson. It's about time Dave had somebody his own size to trample him. She immediately walks all over him in her shoes, her heels digging deep into his flesh. She is definitely a giantess with  attitude. The pain is about to get even worse as she stands full weight on his head, whilst still wearing her shoes! Dave screams in agony, you can almost hear his skull crunching under this extreme pressure. Huge relief as the shoes eventually come off and he has giant stocking feet to contend with. Little does Dave know one of the
most extreme videos ever is about to be born.

The face standing is seriously hard, she is so big you can almost feel her colossal weight on your own nose. Especially as we get some great worms eye views, it's as if you're actually there. The head standing is pure evil as she dances on his skull with a startling lack of respect. Her feet are simply huge, they completely cover his face and head as she goes about
crushing him underfoot. But now it gets really serious as the throat standing begins. These scenes are quite disturbing as Dave is obviously under extreme stress with a 70kg giantess repeatedly stood full weight on his throat again and again and again. The only way to describe this action is amazing, but there's some even more extreme action lying ahead. She begins to jump (yes jump!) on his head. These scenes really do have to be seen to be believed, Dave's head must be made out of concrete! This seems to go on forever and after some quite remarkable jumping and stamping on Dave's ribs mixed with a little hard footworship Dave is finally out cold. You will need to pinch yourself to satisfy yourself that you really have witnessed this.

Cucciolo arrives looking for Dave and makes fun of Myriam's basketball kit. Not a good idea as she pushes him onto the bed and begins trampling him in her giant sneakers. Cucciolo looks like a little beneath this huge giantess and when she stands on his face in her huge sneakers it looks quite incredible. She then puts all her weight on her toes, Cucciolo really doesn't enjoy this at all. It gets worse as she again begins crushing his face, printing the tread of her sneakers all over his features. Her size and weight are extreme and her feet are absolutely huge. Soon the sneakers come off and she immediately stands on his face, amazing to watch when her bare feet are actually longer than his face! It is amazing how Cucciolo can take this as the pressure under those feet is incredible. We go from the sublime to the ridiculous when she moves on to his throat. How can anybody survive this kind of treatment?! Well after some kissing and some ribcracking jumping Carlo is gone, not a big surprise really!

Well we've done it again, this video can only be described as sensational. A real treat for giantess fans, the head and face standing under those giant feet is utterly amazing. But what makes this video really special is the super extreme throat standing and quite unbelievable jumping on head and body. We guarantee you will have never....EVER.. seen anything quite like this before!