"Life on the razor edge"

55 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring:  Angelique and Dave

Dave is an iceskate coach and is going through some moves with Angelique his star pupil. However today she is not doing so well and Dave isn't pleased, especially when she accidentally steps on his foot. He yells at her in pain, well that was his first mistake!

Angelique will punish him for his rudeness by making him her new ice rink! She pushes her useless trainer onto the bed and immediately stands on him in her iceskates. Ouuuuucchhhhhh! It is almost disturbing to watch as the razor sharp skates dig deeply into his stomach. The pain is unbearable, Dave's screams clearly indicate this. Angelique transfers her bodyweight to each skate, the skates scratch and dig deep each time ripping his skin to bits. We can almost feel Dave's pain as Angelique clearly enjoys his suffering. She has no compassion as she casually walks all over him. Who could believe 50kg could hurt so much!

To add insult to injury Angelique then s Dave to kiss one of her skates whilst the other digs in his chest. His body is now red raw so Angelique concentrates on crushing his arms. She apply her full weight to each forearm, the pain is unbearable for Dave trust us. He has deep ridges left in his arms, you would think he was some kind of human railway track. Make no mistake this is a real ordeal for Dave, every single second is absolute torture. His hands are next to get the treatment, Angelique making herself as heavy as possible as her skates dig into his palms like knives.

Now for some acrobatics as Angelique practices her poses which unfortunately means uneven weight distribution on those razors. Next its time for some back torture as Angelique as keen as ever climbs on. Dave's screams are sickening, nobody deserves this kind of treatment. It gets even more painful when she gets on his legs, Dave's screams are getting ever more high pitched now. Some more stomach antics follow which includes Angelique mercilessly walking over it as well as his chest for what seems like an age. The marks on Dave's body have to be seen to be be believed and the pain has to be felt to be believed!

Well the skates come off at last but the torture will continue. We get some typically fantastic footworship and trampling which includes some awesome face, head and throat standing action. However the head and face JUMPING is quite unlike anything you would  have seen before. There's only one way to describe this......RIDICULOUS! Surely this can't be normal as Angelique jumps up and down on his head as if it was a  little trampoline under her feet.  Her lack of respect for the damage she could do is both disturbing and exciting. Soon the abuse is too much for Dave to take and he is out cold.

Well what can we say, we have produced another super extreme ground breaking movie. A truly amazing experience that will simply take your breath away. PLEASE BE WARNED though, you might find some scenes deeply disturbing and if you haven't got a strong stomach perhaps you'd better buy your trample videos somewhere else!