"Six heels of pain 2"

65 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring:  Zined, Laeticia, Stephanie Rastatrample and Cucciolo

Rasta is a shoe salesman and is kindly helping some female customers try some shoes on. They need altering, so after the girls leave Rasta takes the opportunity to give the shoes a good licking. Unlucky Rasta the girls have not left yet and catch him in the  middle of it. He is going to be punished for this!

They step onto him, as he have to put their shoes back on. All 3 then begin crushing his ribs, dancing in a sexy rhythm. Next it's full weight on one heel time, as all 3 dig their heels into his body on one foot. Rasta is in terrible pain and even attempts to offer them a discount for the shoes in return for for mercy. Nice try Rasta, the girls want the shoes for free and
they're still going to trample you as well! They take turns to step full weight on his head to hammer home this point. Rasta's agony is clear to see, as the crushing pain is totally unbearable. The body crushing begins again as all 3 climb on his upper body at once. Poor Rasta is changing colour again, especially when they start to dance. Stephanie is pure evil as she stomps on his nipples! The trampling then gets even crueller as they're heels penetrate his skin, the girls in the meantime just continue to tease him. They even stand on his body as he stands in a 'chair' position, the onslaught is relentless. Soon Rasta can take no more and is out cold. He has been superhuman to last this long!

Well how about that, the girls are trying shoes on again but this time Cucciolo is a pervert customer. The cheeky guy cannot resist kissing they're shoes, the girls think he is crazy and tell him he's got a real problem. You guessed it they decide to trample him as punishment.

They dive on crushing his little body under every brutal step. Cucciolo looks so little beneath these tall girls, and his body seems to be getting smaller by the second, or flatter at least! The facestanding is amazing, it's as if his face is going to collapse under such extreme pressure. The rib cracking body trampling continues to Cucciolo's cries of pain. The girls joke while Cucciolo screams.

Time for the fun to end now as the girls take turns to walk over and trample his beaten body. All the time they laugh and joke. We can assure you Cucciolo isn't laughing as his body gets redder and redder beneath this train of women. Time for a well earned rest as Cucciolo then licks they're shoes and feet. At last, the shoes come off and at least Cucciolo can get
crushed without getting scratched.

Predictably all 3 climb straight on immediately crushing the air out of his lungs. Stepanie then steps on the back of his head, if he didn't have a headache before he will now! Some acrobatic trample to follow, these girls should apply for a job at the circus. Next for some glorious facestand as the ever cruel Zineb steps on Cucciolo's face with all her considerable weight. It's great to see the girls having so much fun as they 'play' with they're victim. Some foot worship follows as all 3 crush his chest. Soon all this abuse is too much for our hero to take and he is to join Rasta in trample heaven.

A fantastic movie with real entertainment value. The abuse is constant, the girls create a fun atmosphere and make no mistake the action is seriously brutal. Could this be a classic just like the original?