"Bound to be trampled"

50 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Angelique, lynn and Cucciolo

Lynn is trampling Cucciolo in her block heels when Angelique arrives. They had not seen each other for a while so there's a great atmosphere as they greet but that's about to change. Angelique is used to being the one who does the trampling and has a rage of jealousy.  They both decide to tie him up for their pleasure. Angie inparticular looks so sexy in her platform boots as they immediately climb on to his little body. Their chunky heels dig deep into his skin as they keep changing positions, sometimes putting all their weight on them. If that wasn't bad enough Angelique then 'kindly' decides to stand on his throat, a total nightmare in those boots. It is not too clear how much of this kind of abuse Cucciolo will be able to take.

Amazingly he manages to survive this onslaught so the girls decide to carry on with their game but without their shoes. Their feet look so sexy in their natural colour nylons, especially Lynn with her painted toe nails. Lynn steps onto his chest and surprise, surprise Angelique then steps onto his face. It is clear that she likes to feel a mans features beneath her feet. Then the footworship begins, not as much funs as you might think when you have two girls stood on your chest. Soon it's time for the circus as they place a chair on his chest, Angie climbs on as Lynn crushes his face. The next part of their show, Angie climbs on Lynn's shoulders as she steps on his chest. Thats 100kg on his ribs! No time for rest Cucciolo, now both girls are going to be stepping on your head at the same time. Which is worse?100kg on your ribs or your head? By now Cucciolo is starting to lose his senses under all this abuse and probably isn't fully aware of what's happening to him. The body and face trampling continues to be torturous, the girls make a good destructive team. Poor Cucciolo is having one of those videos that seems to be going on forever.

It's the end of the stockings but not the action as the assault continues in bare feet. The girls continue to pound his body with their weight and both girls (especially Angelique) continue to enjoy crushing his face. She has a big grin on her face everytime she does it! The girls transfer their weight onto their toes as they crush his body to increase his stress. Now for some more acrobatics as Angie stands on Lynn's back as she kneels on Cucciolo. Some great double facestanding to follow and still it's not over for poor Cucciolo. Oh well at least a bit of fun follows with some footworship, but again as they are both stood on his chest at the time, not all that relaxing!

Never fear Cucciolo, soon the girls will get off you and let you enjoy the footworship without supporting their weight. But first some more facestand and painful skin pinching with their toes.....ouch! Now it is time for pleasure as the girls sit down and allow Cucciolo the thrill of worshipping their bare feet. We get some great camera angles as he services their toes and soles.

The movie concludes with some more trampling. The abuse on his face is about to continue. They really have no respect for him and Angelique inparticular obviously takes great pleasure in his suffering. Soon Cucciolo can take no more and he's out cold.

An action packed 60 minutes to say the least, which will appeal to all tastes as it includes heel, stocking feet and classic barefoot action. If you like the idea of a cocktail of continued abuse you will love this movie, we promise you that!