"Ferocious female fighters"

60 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Margo, Joelle, Amira, Cucciolo and Rastatrample 

Rasta is a Karate instructor and is kindly demonstrating how to punch to 3 of his female students. He tries to break a board but ends up damaging his hand in the process. He cries out in pain, insulting the girls. Big mistake, now they are going to practice their skills on him, at the end of this session he will have more than just a sore hand you can be sure! Joel performs a great move on him and tosses him onto the mattress. The other girls dive on. Being trampled is one thing, but being trampled while the girls are practising Karate on you is something else!

Poor Rasta is now subject to some terrible abuse. Margo and Amira pin him to the floor in a seriously uncomfortable position as Joel takes great delight in stepping on his head. They all take turns to do this, then all stand on his body at the same time placing all their weight on one foot, lets hope this instructor is fit! They all move onto his chest completely taking Rasta's breath away. These are not the kind of breathing exercises he was expecting to be doing today! If there's too much weight on his chest, the girls kindly 'help' by taking turns to stand on his face as well. Sometimes two at once stepping on, can't be a whole lot of fun having 100kg resting on your mush! Well he's got time to recover during some sexy foot worship and licking. Soon the girls are all on his body again. Where do these girls get their energy from? Their instructor has definitely done a good job of getting them fit. Little did he know this would now work against him and soon he is out for the count.

Cucciolo is practising his moves, it would seem he fancies himself as a bit of a fighter. The girls aren't impressed though, they will show him the correct way to fight. Consequently one second he is on his feet the next he is pinned beneath them with 3 feet on his head! Margo goes for his throat whilst the other 2 trample his body.
Nice to see these Karate girls are working as a team!

He is then d to get on his knees as Margo ties his hands behind his back.  The other girls start to kick him, then Margo joins in from behind. All 3 then start to trample his head, the worst thing is Cucciolo is completely helpless. It looks like he is praying as the girls dish out this terrible abuse. It gets a bit better though as the girls decide they now want their feet worshipping. He is careful to do a good job as he doesn't want to piss these violent girls off! Cucciolo is then d down into a doggy position as Margo climbs onto his back, the other 2 step on his hands and trample the back of his head. Can you believe it, it looks like he is praying again. I wonder what he is praying for? You can probably guess!

Now for some Karate style facestanding, the girls take turns whilst the other 2 do their best to crush the air out of their victim's lungs. He really has completely submitted to their overwhelming power, and is being used as a doormat. All 3 climb onto his chest, 150kg worth of Karate girls crushing the life out of him. Horror of horrors he is still alive. No problem all 3 then stand on his head at the same time(!) and sure enough with 'so much on his mind', Cucciolo soon passes out.

A totally refreshing and original trample movie. Who thought a Karate film could be so sexy. It's only possible when it involves ruthless barefoot trampling by three French beauties!