"It's a dog's life"

65 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Hayet, Anna Licia, Cucciolo and Rastatrample 

Rasta is no longer a French man, today he is a French dalmation and he’s been left all alone by his 3 owners. So what does the naughty dog do? He pisses on the wall and jumps up and down on the mattress. Well there’s going to be trouble now because not 1 but 3 Cruellas arrive.

They are not happy with their messy pup so their spotty dog is about to become their spotty rug! In their razor sharp stilettos they all climb on to our furry friend. They sink they’re heels deep into his fur. Rasta yelps in pain but it isn’t going to help him now. It is not long before they target his head. Rasta’s thick fur gives the girls a good sense of security and it gives them more confidence to put maximum pressure on their heels. This makes for a good video but a total nightmare for Doggy Rasta. The evil Cruellas just dance on his body in their heels, they look so sexy (maybe it’s not so bad being a dog after all!) As more time passes the soarer doggy Rasta gets, his yelps seem to being getting higher pitched by the minute.

Now for some doggy style action. Rasta gets on all fours and 2 Cruellas climb onto his back; swaying from side to side in their stilettos. The other girl unceremoniously grabs his tale and digs  her stiletto into his arse, not a lot of respect here! But before long she feels like she’s missing out so she also climbs on. Well there’s now 150kg of weight distributed on 6 heels digging into his back, lets hope Rasta’s fur is nice and thick. That is about to become even more important as the girls now want to stand on his face – WITH THEIR STILETTOS STILL ON! Prepare yourself for some incredible action as the girls take turns to crush his furry face. It’s not often you see facestanding with full weight on heels. Then for some more body crushing, the girls gather close together to continue the assault. You get the feeling that Rasta would still look like a dalmation without the fur; only he would have sore red spots instead of furry black ones! Time is building and the intense heel trampling is starting to take it’s toll on Rasta. We can only see his fur but underneath his skin is now badly marked and burning.

The girls are worried he might try and escape so one stands on his hands whilst the other two trample on his body. How about that for teamwork! Every position is explored, the heels dig in at every angle. Poor Rasta, it really is a dogs life! After a foiled attempt to escape the girls now subject Rasta to some shoe worship. We get some great low down camera angles as Rasta’s doggy tongue goes to work.Every part of their shoes get the treatment; the great action is made even better when we hear the girl’s sexy French voices at the same time. Don’t get too relaxed Rasta because the trampling is about to start again and it’s going to get even harder. They jump onto his body and dig them heels in once again. The end is nigh for Rasta; he can take no more, suddenly without warning he is ‘gone’.

The girls are enjoying a at the bar having put their dog down, when another irritating dalmation suddenly arrives on the scene. The annoying little dog tries to lick the girls shoes whilst they are talking. Can the girls ever be rid of these furry devils, they Cucciolo dalmation onto the bed, they are about to test the thickness of his fur.

They climb on to him and continue where they left off. They march on him as if they were in the army, they’re heels lifting up and down in perfect synchro. The girls tease him as their heels seem to get ever deeper. Cucciolo’s pathetic doggy yelps of pain just make the girls trample harder. You see those sexy shoes and you can’t help but wish you were Cucciolo, trust us you don’t want to be. This is difficult to take, especially when he is so hot. Licia seems to get sexually excited by standing on his throat, especially when poor Cucciolo starts to cough!

Hayet decides she needs her heels cleaning and rams one deep into Cucciolo’s mouth for some cleaning. This inspires the other girls to follow suit, looks like Cucciolo is going to be busy. Some classic footworship follows. Just as Cucciolo is sinking into ecstacy it is time for some more trampling. The girls take turns to walk over him, those heels digging deep into our spotty dog. After what seems like half a day, they all climb on at the same time again for some more multi trample.

The heels finally come off, all 3 immediately climb onto his chest crushing the air out of his lungs. Then for some classic face and head standing, the girls look great in their fishnets and silver nail polish. His face and body get trampled at the same time, Cucciolo is in good form as he takes it for minutes at a time. The girls take turns to get in every position before treating Cucciolo to some delicious stocking foot worship. Then the end as they finally finish him off with some more extreme face standing.

A truly unique trample experience you will not forget in a hurry. Not 1 but 3 sexy Cruella’s crushing our spotty heroes in spiked heels and fishnet stockings. Maybe the only time you will approve of animal cruelty!