"Bad Stockings 2"

65 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Axelle, Gaelle, Estelle, Cucciolo and Rastatrample 

 Three young girls are dancing on Rasta's bed to their favourite Madonna track when their future doormat suddenly appears and tries in vain to remove them.

They over power him and soon he is down on the mattress below 6 sexy stocking feet. They are going to continue dancing but this time Rasta will be their dance floor, not the mattress. They dance perfectly in sequence at first putting all their weight on their toes, Rasta's face is starting to get redder by the minute. Gaelle climbs on his head while the other girls continue to dance on his body. The soft music is quite a contrast to poor Rasta's suffering, somehow it doesn't sound quite appropriate. After some brutal facestanding (at one stage with 2 girls at once!) the girls again dance on Rasta's body but this time even harder, it seems at times that the girls have forget there is a person under their feet and just get carried away with the music.

After all this pain Rasta has earnt a break so the girls mercifully let him kiss and worship their stocking feet. They order him about and make sure he does it exactly the way they want him to. You can tell the girls are clearly enjoying it.

Just as he is starting to enjoy this the girls decide the fun must end and jump on top of him again. Well his break is well and truly over as all 3 climb onto his head at once! Watching this scene you cannot help but prepare yourself for Rasta's head to explode! Don't worry Rasta the girls decide to give your head a break and crush your body instead! More dancing is about to
begin, more torture for our French friend.

All 3 climb onto his body, sometimes on the top half, sometimes on the bottom. The effect is always the same though, Rasta cannot breath. The girls are using Rastas body as a kind of workout but somehow you get the impression that Rasta is working the hardest of all.....just to survive. Eventually the stockings come off and are used to tie Rasta's hands together. The assualt continues but now in bare feet. Rasta's body seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into the mattress. The only time there are less than 3 girls on his body is when one is on his face and head! After some delicious foot worship and then more brutal trampling he finally passes out, sweet dreams Rasta.

Cucciolo arrives and oh no the girls are dancing on the mattress again!!! And what a suprise this time Cucciolo tries to remove them and ends up on the  mattress underneath those sexy stocking feet. You would think the girls would be tired by now after crushing Rasta but you would be wrong, they trample him with the same intensity. Cucciolos skinny body contorting under their 150kg. Gaelle inparticular likes to tease her doormat and again she is the first one to climb on her victim's head. We get some great close-ups of this which is a real treat as Gaelles feet are especially sexy. They all climb onto his chest and continue dancing to the soft background music. They really have no respect for his body as they step on his face and head before
treating him and letting him kiss their nylon feet. Well eventually the nylons come off but the action continues. Cucciolo is starting to sweat now but the girls have clearly not finished yet, they continue to pound his chest and to make matters worse the music is starting to get faster.

The face standing is as brutal as ever and the footworship as sexy as ever
(especially when we get some great worms eye camera views)

The girls finish off with some good old fashioned head walking. They take turns to walk over his head continuously, giggling and making jokes while poor Cucciolos headache is about to get worse. His head vibrates around like a balloon under the girls weight, surely a human head is not designed for this kind of abuse. And sure enough Cucciolo without warning is suddenly out

Do you like young sexy girls in nylons? How about brutal body tramplng and facestanding? Well if so you might have just found your perfect video. Great stuff, buy it now!!