"Satanic cheerleaders"

65 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Anna, Zined, Cucciolo and Rastatrample 

 Anna and Zined are practicing for an important show so now is not a good time to disturb them!! They train on Cucciolo's bed so when he returns and sees them with their dirty sneakers messing up his clean mattress, he tries to get them out. That's not going to be easy with this athletic duo. They both push Cucciolo on to his lovely clean mattress so this time they can clean their sneakers on his body. They walk all over him, using their soles to print their deadly marks all over him. They stand on his head with both feet, then stand on his face crushing his nose flat as if it was a worm beneath them. They know no limits to this abuse and Cucciolo desperately hangs on to consciousness.They are using him like a doormat to clean their soles(stomach, chest, face and head !!!! ).

Taking off their shoes, they keep that special sadistic feeling and continue the brutal massacre!!! During the torture under their weight, they order him to smell their old worn socks and push all their toes deep into his mouth. They stand for what seems like an eternity on his face covering his nose with their filthy socks and enjoy seeing the tortured look on his crushed face. They continue non stop until they drain the last bit of life out of him.

Finally, the show is complete and the girls are really happy with the finished result. They return to the training room chatting about the fun they had just had. Rasta, in charge of the show tells the girls it was no good, infact it was totally shit !!!!! He shows them the contract they had signed and points out the many mistakes they made during the show. Finally he rips up  the contract and tells Anna and Zined they will not receive a cent off him for this terrible performance. Is he CRAZY? !!!!!!!! It's time for them to take their revenge, Rasta will pay !!!!!!! They take him by the hair and tie his hands. Now he is their slave and they have many ideas to make him the suffer in a way he deserve. Talking about pain, just look at the pics, they speak for themselves !!!!!! They treat him like shit under their sneakers. They walk on his face, at all times their weight is on his upper body. Anna then takes an incredibly athletic position never before seen!!!! Their sneaker sole prints are on his nose and forehead. They then both order him to clean their dirty soles until they look like new. Zined then climbs on Anna's shoulder to increase the weight on him, and that's just the start of the torture. He gets every bit of abuse possible until this arsehole of a boss will never be bothering them again !!!!!!!!!!

Do you fantasise about cheerleaders ????? Have you already dreamt about being under their sensual sneakers, clean them and suffer beneath them ???? Well maybe this movie will move you a step closer to your dreams. Two sexy blonde cheerleaders that know how to cause pain under their soles. You will see incredible new athletic positions never before seen on the web giving you the ultimate pleasure whilst calmly watching it in the safety of your own home.