"Hawaiian tropical trample"

60 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Stefy, Zined , Cucciolo and Rastatrample 

 Stefy and Zined are training for a dance show they are doing in a couple of days, when suddenly Cucciolo arrives. He cannot believe how Zined is dressed and tells her she must wear something else for the show. He grabs her by the neck in a temper, when suddenly Stefy retaliates and pushes him on to the bed. He is going to be punished for treating Zined this way, you can be sure of that.

They jump and trample all over him, treating him like a piece of meat under their feet. They use his body as a floor as they practice their choreography, standing on his face, crushing his head and walking and dancing all over him. Cucciolo is completely flattened under their busy feet.

Next it is time to have their sweaty, smelly feet kissed and licked. Stefy sits on Cucciolo's knees and places her delicious feet on his face and in his mouth. They pin down his arms so he cannot move and both clean their feet using his tongue.

Cucciolo thinks that he will have to clean Steffis feet again but she stands on Zined's feet so Cucciolo's head is crushed by her weight. They decide to finish him off by running all over his body as if they were both completely mad.

Rasta is relaxing one day, he has nothing to do and thinks the girls are boring when they arrive and ask him to play some hawaiian guitar for them. Rasta tries his best but unfortunately for him, he breaks a string and so gives back the broken guitar to the girls. Big mistake !!! The girls decides to smash the guitar on him and then place it with the maracas to crush everything on his body.

Pushing Rasta on the ground, they place their feet on his face so as to have a sweet massage using his tongue. Rasta must  lick and kiss their feet toe by toe. His head amuses Stefy as she climbs on it during the cleaning of feet.

After this short break, they decide to play a little harder with him now. They walk, run and dance all over  his body. They climb all over his face, sometimes both at the same time. No mercy for this useless musician who breaks guitars.

Have you ever seen hawaiian girls dance barefoot ? You imagine it to be a dream to be under those feet don't you? Well forget  that, the reality is rather different. Trampled beneath these two gorgeous dancers, there's no way to breath and survive, every moment is torture. A must for the beach this summer.