"Carpets stories"

50 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Elodie, Claire, Angelique, Cucciolo and Rastatrample

 Rasta is searching for a   when three girls start to make fun of his bar. No time for him to get a now, they immediately crush his hands and order him to kiss and lick their dirty soles.
They lay Rasta down on the bar and start to trample him, cutting his skin with their sharp heels.

They then order him to sit on the bench then each climb onto his stomach giving him all their body weight. They walk and jump on him and at times their heels completely disappear into his belly.

They now change his position, time for some full weight face standing now in their lovely bare feet. Rasta tries to take a breath but the girls do their best to stop him, they don't want to show him any mercy at all.

Rasta is then pushed to the ground and the girls continue their massacre trampling and walking on him from every angle. They jump on him more and more and step on his face with incredible pleasure.

To finish him off, they decide to give him some claustrophobic trampling in the bath! They walk on him with their shoes, step on his head whilst it is under water. Rasta cannot breath and soon falls .

Cucciolo is relaxing on his bed when the same three crazy girls arrive to have some more 'fun' and play a new game.  What game, do we mean ??? Trampling off course!!! They step on him using all their weight soon covering him in nasty heel marks.

Taking off their shoes, they now climb specifically onto his head. They enjoy the face standing action and all climb on his face one at a time, each time pushing him to the absolute limit. Next they place a pillow on his face and all climb on, they want  to crush him. They also trample the rest of his body including his throat which gets some seriously nasty treatment .

Now it's time for his hands to be crushed. They place them under a wooden lid and then all climb on, Immediately his hands are crushed and cut by its sharp edge. Even crazier they place the leg of the table directly on his hands and all climb on putting poor Cucciolo through terrible pain.

A great movie at a great price. 50 minutes of hard action with 2 carpet slaves crushed beneath 3 gorgeous young girls.
Don't miss out!