"Car crush pic-nic"

40 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring: Anna, Rastatrample and Cucciolo

 Cucciolo is outside talking with his fiance. She likes Cucciolo a lot so decides to treat him by taking her shoes off and trampling on him. Cucciolo starts to worship her feet when he tells her to get the cigarettes out the car.
Anna is not  happy but goes to her car to get them.

When Anna arrives at her car Rasta is stood there and is very angry. Apparantly Anna had parked her car in exactly the place he was having a picnic. He tells her to move but Anna has other plans. She starts up the engine, Rasta will see what Anna thinks of his fucking picnic.

Rasta sat on his arse cannot believe his eyes as she repeatedly drives over all his food. She laughs as she crushes his fruit , beer and more. She completely destroys every part of his picnic, leaving tyre marks all over his sheets.
She smiles looking at Rasta's desperate look.

To try and calm her down Rasta offers Anna a big cake. She wants to see her tyre marks on it so orders him to place it on the floor. She then repeatedly drives over it, crushing it completely flat. If that isn't enough she then makes Rasta eat the squashed cake off the floor!

Rasta tires to stop her crushing the cake further by placing his foot in front of the wheel. "Now look i have my foot in front of your car so you can't roll over it." BIG mistake, Anna doesn't see a problem she just drives the car over his foot. Rasta's screams just give her a sadistic pleasure.

Rasta is getting ever more desperate and stupid. This time he places his hand in front of the wheel, hoping she will stop this time. You guessed it, hand crushing time! She repeatedly drives over it, getting intense pleasure as the car lifts up leaving deep tyre marks on his skin. The she unexpetedly stops the car while it is parked on his hand. Rasta is pinned to the floor. She then gets out of the car and says the only way she will move the car only if he cleans her dirty soles with his tongue. Rasta has no choice but to do it, all the time in absolute agony. He cannot move his fingers.

Rasta has now lost his mind and without thinking properly invites Anna to crush his arms with her car. She enjoys this even more as she can feel the car lift up much more now as she repeatedly drives over them.
She leaves deep tyre marks all over them.

Next a double crush as she drives over both Rasta's feet at the same time. Anna really enjoys this new game.

Anna insists that Rasta's shoes are giving him too much protection and orders him to take them off and put his bare feet directly in front of her wheels. She keeps driving over them and you can clearly see how sore his feet are becoming. His little bones are getting completely crushed under this huge weight. Anna never seems to get bored of this game and keeps on doing it until Rasta finally passes out. She rolls over his foot for a last time and stops the car. Anna is leaving her car in the same place but somehow we don't think Rast will be complaining this time. She gets the cigarettes and returns to Cucciolo with a funny story.

Anna is back with some more great car crush action and yet another car. Not just Rasta this time but some awesome food crushing too. This video is reserved for hardcore car crush fans only.