"Sock trample mania"

65 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Annabelle, Laeticia, Camille, Leslie, Johana Cucciolo and Rastatrample

 Rasta is preparing to go out to a party one evening wheh he realises he has no socks.
He must try to find some from somewhere. Luckily he finds some short white ones that a girl had mistakenly left there.
He starts to put them on when suddenly the girls arrive.
They don't appreciate him wearing their socks and so begins the trample torture.
Very angry, they walk on him with all their energy and play with his body as if they are crushing a pillow.
They stand on his head and face without a single break.
Three girls climb on his back using him as a human bridge while the other two stand in front of him, waiting
for him to fall down on their feet so they can order him to smell their sweaty socks.

After this crushing and ruthless trampling, they order him to kiss, lick and smell their feet. Rasta must smell their socks non stop. You can clearly hear his deep breathing whilst smelling their feet. Then, he must kiss and lick their hot bare feet.
He doesn't make a very good job so the girls decide to punish him by jumping off the bed directly onto his body.
They jump one at a time, then two until finally all five at the same time!
They decide to finish him off with some severe trampling that will end with him passing out.....

The girls find a big mess in the flat. It's always the same with Cucciolo, he never bothers to clean his flat.
They find his beloved shirt and they decide to play with it.
When Cucciolo arrives, he sees the girls walking all over his clean white shirt.
He tries to take it but the girl push him violently onto the mattress.
They begin the torture on him using their 10 feet for a some serious trampling.
They climb and trample all over him. He is constantly crushed under their 250 kilograms of pressure.

Now they decide to walk on him back and forth turning in a circle.
One girl climbs on his face while another girl stands on his throat at the same time.They also jump on him as well.
Cucciolo is really exhausted by all of these feet passing over him hundreds of times.

After this, they order him to take off their socks with his teeth. He must take off all ten socks one by one.
They then order Cucciolo to kiss, lick and suck their sweaty bare feet.
They seem to enjoy i so much they then order him to worship their feet in every different position and situation.
Their soles and feet are now spotlessly clean, so they decide to thank him by 'treating' him to some hard trampling.
Climbing on his chest, they stop him breathing and Cucciolo falls into darkness.

 Five young girls in socks using their feet for every situation with superb trampling and footworship.
An absolute must for all you sock fans.