70 mins - 14.99 EUR

Starring: Axelle, Angelique, Brigitte, Camille, Claire, Delphine, Elodie, Estelle, Feriel, Gaelle, Grace, Jane, Laeticia, Michele, Severine, Stephanie, Virginie
Rastatrample and Cucciolo

 There's an incredibly big party today to celebrate the birthday of one of Rasta's neighbours.
Her and her friends are dancing and singing all afternoon, everybody is full of energy.
Rasta lives in the flat underneath and with all this noise, can't sleep.
He enters their flat screaming and shouting, telling them to keep the noise down as he can't sleep.
They just ignore him and the din goes on. So Rasta then threatens to call the police.
The 17 girls then block his way out, grab him and push him onto the bed to trample him and hopefully crush him to death.

They all stand and trample his body under their sneakers.
They dance on him to the music using his body as their dance floor.
The pressure is unbelievable. Their total combined weight is exactly 861 kg (2000 lbs).
Every single inch of his body is underneath a girl.

Then they order him to worship their shoes. Two by two they order him to lick their soles.
He must clean 34 dirty sneakers deeply and slowly.
The bad news for Rasta is that the girls wear these sneakers everyday walking on the dirty streets. That's disgusting!
Then the girls push him onto the hard floor and completely cover all his body with the mattress.
All 17 girls climbs on and start to jump like crazy.

The girls now get themselves into a big circle placing seventeen sneakers on his face at once.
But it's not over yet, they then take  off their shoes and place their socked feet on his face.
He must kiss, lick and smell each of them.

The torture has not finished yet. The 17 girls then stand and trample him at once in their socks.
They go on and on till he passes out. They remove his limp body and continue with the party.

The girls are having so much fun, they decide to leave together this evening and continue partying at the local disco.
But they will need to get changed. Whilst they are getting prepared, Cucciolo arrives.
Cucciolo starts attacking the girls in a panic but he can't do anything against so many, he is heavily outnumbered!
They decide to give him the same treatment and quite easily push him on the mattress.
All 17 of them climb on his body and trample him at the same time.
Cucciolo weighs 70 kg and is underneath a pressure that is about 12 times his own body weight.
To find the space on his body 9 girls at least are on his upper body.
How he is able to survive this crushing pressure, we have no idea.

Then, while two girls push him violently on to the floor the other 15 climb on the table bar.
He has to get down on his knees and lick and kiss all 34 stockinged feet.

Then the girls push him once again onto the mattress.
They walk on him back and forth for what seems an eternity, especially on his head, face and throat.
Now some more unbelievable action: all 17 girls trample over Cucciolo from all angles, like a female army, annihilating his resistance. Mainly head, face and throat but also his chest and stomach, .
There isn't a single second when the girls are not hammering his poor body.

This sadistic, cruel game goes on and on. The 17 girls in single file, then 4 by 4 step simultaneously on Cucciolo's body.
The first on the face, the other three on his upper body.
After 10 seconds the first one get off, and the next 3 advance leaving place for a forth one.
It's continuous face standing and there's no time to breath.
One after another, all 17 girls step on Cucciolo's face, in the longest and most absurd face standing action ever seen.

The girls decide the time has now come to relax and rest their weary feet.
They take off their stockings and all of them sit in circle and rest their feet on Cucciolo's face.
Thirty four bare feet simultaneously touching, caressing, stimulating, torturing his face.
We have never seen anything quite like this before.

Then one by one, all 17 girls climb on Cucciolo's body barefooted.
When all of them are on, there is 861 Kgs crushing our hero. Just looking at the picture his agony is clear.

Since he was able to survive the girls decide to abuse him some more.
The 17 girls get in a long line and he has to get down on his knees.
He is then obliged to kiss suck and lick those 34 beautiful feet.

Now they decide to finish him off by trampling him to death.
But while Cucciolo is fighting for his life something unexpected happens.
Rasta is still alive. He wakes up from his state and wants to help his friend. It's not going to happen.
The girls push him violently onto the bed and they kill both of them together with a dramatic final brutal trampling.

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