EXTREME  "Life under Anna's wheels"  EXTREME

40 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring: Anna, her car and Rastatrample

 Rasta drives to the countryside to destroy evidence of his secret affair, which includes CD's, tapes and floppy disks.
His Polish wife had recently become suspicious so he decides this is the safest thing to do.
Whilst he is chatting to his lover on his mobile, a car approaches. "Oh noooo', my wife is here!"

Anna gets out of the car and shows him a pair of stockings she found under their bed. She is absolutely furious.
Rasta unable to lie now tries to justify himself and then starts to apologise and beg for forgiveness.
"You are a real bastard" screams Anna!! "I will divorce you and you'll go to jail!!"
Rasta gets down on his knees and starts to beg. "Please Anna anything you want but not a divorce please".

"Anything I want?" She demands he puts all his material in front of her car and she begins to crush it.
Driving over it very slowly using her 1200 kg (2600 lb) car to destroy it all piece by piece.
All the fraudulent material is cracking under the rage of Anna.
She smiles whilst listening to the sound of it crushing under her car.
She doesn't care at all about his stress and continues to pass over it hundreds of times.
She wants every single thing to do with that bitch destroyed.
Tapes, CD's,floppy disks break under the crushing weight of her car.
Rasta must then place his girlfriend's personal toothpaste tube under her wheels.
Then Anna transforms it into a real baby's cereal.

One more time, Rasta tries to repair his mistakes offering Anna some juicy oranges, knowing how much she likes them.
She will make them into orange juice. She orders him to put the oranges on the ground, then she crushes them slowly. Splosh!!!!!

At this point, starts the real madness!!!
All the fraudulent material is now completely flat on the ground but Anna is still very angry.
Rasta asks what else he can do to calm her down. Her reply leaves him speechless.
She screams "put your foot next to the wheel!!". Rasta is desperate.
"Anything you want but not this please, you'll break my foot!!!"
"Put your foot right there or you'll get that divorce".
For Rasta, there are no other ways to get forgiveness so he does as she asks.
He screams each time the wheel crushes his foot, whilst Anna enjoys every second.
She loves feeling the car lifting up over his foot, it's her personal revenge.She rolls over it an incredible number of times.
When Rasta can't take any more and begs for mercy.
She orders him to change feet and continues to crush the other one slowly, all the time with a huge smile on her face.

Then, she orders him to put his hand under her wheels. Rasta is shocked and can't manage a word.
He starts thinking she will never stop and is now really scared.
Anna crushes his hand with great pleasure, looking out the car window.
Rasta screams more and more, it's possible to hear him clearly despite the engine noise.
It's also possible to see all the wheel marks on Rasta's skin.
"The other hand now", screams Anna. "I want to crush all your fingers!!!" She starts to drive over him again and again....

When she orders him to put his arms on the floor Rasta starts to feel like a victim out of a Stephen King novel.
Is her name Anna or Christine? She now gives the same treatment to Rasta's arms.
Seeming to enjoy it more as she needs to pump the pedal to get her car over his flesh.
Now the screams of Rasta are stronger than the engine noise.
So she turns up the volume of the music in the car to drown him out.
While there is a beautiful girl inside a comfortable car listening to good music, outside there is a man suffering like hell, lying in the mud in the freezing cold.

Finally, she decides that Rasta has now learnt his lesson and stops the car
Now its time to finish him with her black boots.
She stands on him on the hard ground and orders him to clean her muddy soles.
She completes her assault by walking on his hands, arms and head til he falls .
She then cries out "You are my little dog now, don't forget it !!!"
Surely Rasta will never forget this nightmare as long as he lives.
She gets in her car and drives off leaving him inanimate on the ground.

Are you married? If so, be careful not to betray the trust of your wife.
This movie has been made for the real car crush fans.
It is most probably the first video of its kind on the internet, so we are proud to be the first site to make it available.
Don't miss it and even more importantly: "DON'T try this at home!"