"Boots torture babes"

60 mins - 5.99 EUR

This videos contains scenes of heavy, violent, multitrampling. Only suitable for extreme fans!


Starring: Feriel, Stephanie, Anna, Rastatrample and Cucciolo 

 Three beautiful girls are putting of their boots after their full work day. They go after to the living room to watch the tv.
Rasta arrive directly to the bar to take a good . What a surprise to see the boots available here without the girls.
He forgets immediately his and start to sniff with big enthusiasm the smelling boots. A little problem arrive when the girls exit the living room to take their boots. They catch Rasta during his smelling and think it's time to play a little bit.

They climbs on him with ferocity and walk one each peace of his skin leaving they sole mark everywhere on him.
Using their full weight, their heels enter inside Rasta's body. The trampling is constant without any break. It seem that this girls was waiting this from a long time. Sure they put off their shoes on this place because they was sure to find Rasta here.
And give him the lesson he needed!!

After this crushing exercise, the girls don't forget their dirty shoes sole. They put Rasta in another position for a big foot worship boots action. They want to see the Rasta's tongue cleaning all the part of their sole. Their fantasy is unbelievable. Two girls sits on the right and left part of Rasta's head and push their shoes trying to explode the Rasta's head. The third find a little space to continue the non stop cleaning of her dirty boots. Rasta will have to eat all the shit under their sole from the street.

Now it's time to wake up!!!!
The girls wants to thanks Rasta for this good clean. They climbs on him this time with a very hard trampling. They stand on his head one and two in the same time. When they change their position, they always stays on him. They wants to stop him to breath and they arrives to the point they wanted when Rasta is not able to keep this torture. He falls down in a dark hole and the girls exit leaving a peace of meat on the ground like crushed under hundred hard sole.

Cucciolo arrives in his home and look at the ground. What a shit!!! I had cleaned the floor and now it's fucking dirty. Why??
Because this three girls don't care about it. It's thousand times that Cucciolo asked the girls to put off their boots when they entered at home. "Clean, Clean, always Clean!!!!!" The girls are tired about this meticulous guy and put his head on their dirty soles to clean it."Like that we will walk on the ground without problem when you will have cleaned our boots!!!"
No hope for Cucciolo, he must pass his tongue slowly on their soles eating each part of shit under.

After it, it's time to use this carpet!!! They climb on him without any mercy for his skin. They try to be the most on his chest. They walk on him with an incredible energy. What they love it's to see the traces of their sole printed on his skin. Unfortunately for Cucciolo it disappear very fast and the girls wants to see it again. So they climb and walk more and more on him.
Cucciolo's skin is completely red and burning but this is what the girls enjoys. More his skin is red and more the traces will stay.
They laugh like crazy earring the pain scream and more Cucciolo scream, more they walk hard on him.

As you can understand, to walk like that non stop is burning for the feet inside closed boots. Lot's of transpiration.
So the girls decide to put off their boot to have some fresh on their stocking feet. The smell is incredible strong!!
They can smell their feet walking on Cucciolo so you can imagine the suffocation for him when they stand on his face.
The little breath he can take under their weight is destroyed but the full smell. Too much for a human!!!
Poor Cucciolo fall down.

If you enjoy boots, this is for you!!!
Extreme trampling in every position. Full weight and hard walk. Foot worship and boots cleaning.
Two girls crushing head under boots. Full boots movie with fantastic digital quality and incredible camera angle.