"Submissive dicks"

90 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring: Corinne, Rastatrample and Cucciolo. And two crushed dicks
Rastatrample receives the visit of his friend Corinne.
Unfortunately he doesn't pay too much attention to her, as he has to repair the electrical system out of order. While he's doing his job near her beautiful legs he can't rexist the temptation to kiss her shoes.
Corinne doesn't like it and decides to give him a lesson that hardly Rasta will be able to forget.
She takes his long hairs and brings him to the bed, where she starts to caress his cock with her sole and heel. Rasta thinks her punishment is not too bad and starts to relax himself. Big mistake.
She starts suddenly to trample his body and to play hard with his cock and balls with her stiletto heels.
She strips him naked and starts crushing his sex the hard way.
All of her huge weight flattens his manhood, with her heels digging into his live flesh.
The pleasure now becames real pain as she will use his instrument as her personal game
She then decides to change her shoes, continuing with the same hard game on his poor dick and balls.
Her heels will penetrate even more in his skin.

She then decides to take off her shoes, crushing and stomping his sex as hell.
All of her weight is constantly on his cock and balls, for a really unforgettable torture.
Finally she seems to give him some pleasure doing a footjob to Rasta he'll never forget.......

Cucciolo is relaxing his body on his bed when someone arrives. What a surprise, Corinne!
She had to come but not today and simply he asks her to go away. But she replies it will be a very very special session today. Cucciolo starts to understand what she had in mind, as soon as she starts to massage his cock with her stockinged feet. Wowww, it seems he likes this sweet touch so he asks her to stay.
But this pleasure will be trasformed in a real nightmare. She starts to trample his cock, crushing it as if she wants to break it. Her feet don't stop a second to torture it.
Body, throat, face: everything is smashed in the same way, under her constant full weight.

At one point she decides to take off her stockings, to feel directly under her bare sole his burning instrument.
The crushing goes on really hard, 'till she decides to finish him with a mortal foot job that will end with a deadly orgasm.....

For all fanatics of cock and balls crushing this video will be a must.
Cock and balls completly crushed under high heels, shoes, stockings, socks and barefeet.
For all our trampling and footworship fans a great video too with  the usual extreme action.