"Tales from the trampled"

Video 010 - 50 mins - 14.99 EUR

happens to this poor guy! He's trampled on the bench, on a couple of logs, in the grass.

Two on one face, chest, throatstanding with totally muddy sneakers, all in public. See his mud covered face after this session.

But worst is yet to come as Jasmin makes Bruce lick her filthy shoes before entering her apartment. That's disgusting!

After this very dirty, filthy tale of human degradation here comes another story of a glorious woman this time dressed in sexy garment. Yeah, it's our beautiful Jasmin. See her literally smash Little Boys face and throat  underneath her nylon clad feet on and on and on.

With every move she makes you can really feel her enjoyment to stomp on, to hurt and to destroy the so called "stronger sex". Hey guys you better be cautious or one day this lady might kick your ass. Cruel and hard trampling on the floor with high  heels action as well.

Another place another tale. Again we have our model like Jasmin trying to take her first steps on the catwalk. But to her deepest regret and anger the catwalk does not behave like it should. May be Little Boy's still not got used to be treated like a catwalk. So it is time to introduce him to the adequate standards. And who could be a better instructor than beautiful

but mean Jasmin. Watch her overpower this guy trampling down his pitiful resistance in sexy nylons and deadly high heels. Well, looks like being a catwalk not always means to have fun...