Are your packages discreet ?
_YES, DISCRETION IS OF HUGE IMPORTANCE IN OUR BUSINESS. We always send our products in plain packaging with no covers or titles on our DVDs and no advertising. Our company name never appears inside or outside any of our packages. Just click here to see an example of one of our packages.

When will my order be sent ?
_Your package will be sent no later than 1 day after receipt of your order.

How long will it take to arrive ?
_USA, Canada : Between 10 and 20 days
_West Europe : Between 4 and 15 days
_East Europe : Between 10 and 20 days
_Asia : Between 10 and 20 days
_Oceania : Between 10 and 30 days
_Middle East : Between 10 and 20 days
_South America : Between 10 and 30 days
_Africa : Between 15 and 30 days

How does the transaction appear on my credit card statement ?
_Once again discretion is our main concern, so all transactions on this site will appear under a neutral billing descriptor, Cucciolopage of course never being mentioned.

Do you deliver to my country ?
_We deliver anywhere in the world.

Will it pass through customs okay in my country ?
_Yes, we have been sending packages all around the world for years and never experienced problems with customs.

What if I don't receive the package in the times indicated on your site ?
_The first thing to do after you place an order is to check if your address appears correctly in the confirmation email you receive from us. Secondly, please wait for the usual delivery delay we indicate before you contact us. The third thing to do if the usual delay passes is to ask your local post office if they have any unclaimed packages for you. If you still don’t get your package inform us about your situation by contacting our order support team : we have never had a single customer left without having received his order.

What is the DVD format you send ?
_Our DVDs are authored on DVD-R media. This is the most compatible media with HOME DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. WE HAVE HAD ALMOST ZERO PROBLEMS REGARDING DVD COMPATIBILTY as we have been able to solve all customer problems. However, on request, we can copy your movies on a different format media, DVD+R (just let us know in the instruction field on your order).

My DVD does not work, what should I do ?
_First check the rear of your DVD disc to see if there are any scraches on it, if that's the case we will change it without a problem. If that's not the case, you will get full technical support to solve the problem.

How about PAL/NTSC video standards ?
_We know the exact format to send you depending on where you're located. For your information, most of the European DVD player can play both PAL and NTSC formats. But in order to obtain the best possible quality for our customers, we make our master copies in both PAL and NTSC.

What about region codes on the DVD ?
_As we produce our own DVDs, we have chosen not to use any Regional Coding at all. Hence you will not have any problems regarding region codes.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance at:
BP 84
Tel : +44 (0)161 408 5461 2006-2007