"Simply Irresistible !"

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Shona and Cucciolo

Cucciolo which loves woman's feet and trample is a long-time married man and he has the reputation to be a straight person full of moral principles and healthy values. He boasts to be a faithful man that love his wife so much that he can resist to any woman no matter how gorgeous, attractive, charming she can be. But this idyllic picture of loyal and perfect man get on the nerve of his friends so that they decide to test him the hard way. One day, a beautiful, smiling, seductive and very hot chick knocks at his door and...........

After one hour in which her beautiful long legs move effortlessly back and forth on his body, her sexy feet walk all over his body and step on his cock and balls in any possible way, her incredible hot arse sit several times on his face now the resistance of Cucciolo is futile ! The final explosive footjob shows without appeal that she was simply irresistible for him !

As the title says the wonderful Shona in this video is Simply Irresistible ! Once again this girl so naturally sexy, seductive and exciting makes the show ! Great cock and balls trampling, a really fantastic facesitting action with amazing camera angles and a super hot footjob !