65 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Assia, Sandrine and Cucciolo

The gorgeous Assia and Sandrine are two very peppy sporty girls. Once again they try to involve the lazy Cucciolo to make some jogging outside with them. Facing his umpteenth refusal they decide to make their daily jogging and exercises on top of him so he'll be finally have to do some sport too. But their sporty session will turn quickly in the most outrageous carnage we have ever filmed. The two mad girls take off his trousers and pants and with their sneakers, socks and barefeet they start savagely to trample, to stomp, to crush, to kick and to make the most extreme sequence of high jumps on Cucciolo's cock and balls you have ever seen and much more.............

This is by far the most extreme and hard cock and balls crushing video we have ever realized and we know what we are saying. The gorgeous Sandrine and Assia (at her very first cock crushing video) are completely mad and out of control for the whole video trampling, stomping, crushing and kicking Cucciolo's private parts in the most outrageous ways. The sequence of those never-ending amazing jumps on his balls are simply memorable. If you are into the real extreme you can't miss this unique video !