" Two Sisters v One Cock "

65 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Ambre, Soraya and Cucciolo

This is the story of Cucciolo a very unfaithful guy that tries to cheat her beautiful girlfriend Ambre with her gorgeous sister Soraya. Of course he gets rejected by Soraya that beats the shit out of him. She tramples him really harshly all over his upper body, first under the very sharp heels of her boots and then barefeet. She then forces him to take off his trousers and she starts to march, to stomp and to jump on his private parts really violently. She even sit FULL WEIGHT on his face.

But he undergoes an even worst treatment when his girlfriend Ambre arrives and hear what Cucciolo tried to do with her sister. She is so angry that she asks to her sister to leave the room as she need to stay alone with him. She tramples him wildly under her very sharp high heeled boots and then she takes off his pants and she start to crush his cock and balls under her FULL BODYWEIGHT as if she wants to castrate him !

When Soraya comes back the two together seems they want to smash his sex and to play with it with their feet the hard way.

The two sisters move now in another room and they go on and on to crush, to squeeze, to kick and to torture his poor cock in any possible way until when they decide to masturbate him vigorously to force him to cum profusely against his will and in front of them that make fun of him.

The wonderful duos Ambre and Soraya two of our most appreciated and hardest cock crushers are finally together in a really epic cock trample video. The two have never been so gorgeous and sexy as in this video and the action is for the real hardcore cock crushing fans !