" The Art of Cock Crush "

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Angela and Cucciolo

In this video the gorgeous Angela, our undisputed Queen of CBT will explain to all the girls the Art of Cock Crush. Talking to the camera and using different footwear she'll show tons and tons of different ways to crush a man's private parts under a woman's FULL BODY WEIGHT. She'll also show us how to kick, stomp and jump on his cock too and much more.

Under her very sharp high heeled boots

Under her flip flops

Under her sneakers and socks

Under her fishnets and barefeet

The Footjob

After the "Art Of Femdom" performed mostly by our most violent and sadistic model Angelique and after "The Trampling Manual" performed by our two legendary tramplers, Edwige and Margo we present the final part of this incredible trilogy: "The Art of Cock Crush" with the Queen of CBT the one and only Angela. A fantastic video in which she'll show loads of different ways to torture a man's cock and balls under her gorgeous feet.