" Escort Girl "

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Shona and Cucciolo

Cucciolo is a single man and decides this evening to use the services of an escort girl to have some fun. So later on he meets Shona a very sexy and beautiful brunette at his flat. The two start chatting and quite soon Shona notices he keeps looking at her feet so she asks him to remove her shoes and worship them with passion. She notices that while he is licking her feet his cock is getting hard so she decides to play with it. She takes off his clothes and starts to walk slowly and sweetly all over his body with her spiked heels. She also does it in barefeet crushing mostly his face, cock and balls under her FULL BODYWEIGHT. She enjoys also to take his breath away by sitting on his face, crushing it under her sexy arse !

But now she has something different in mind, after getting changed into a more dominant outfit she decides to get more and more sadistic with him. She jumps violently on him with her very sharp high heeled boots. She crushes his private parts in many different and crazy ways. She stands on a little hammer placed right on top of his balls. She then squeezes them with a metallic clamp and even puts his cock inside the clamp, pushing it hard with her boots and pulverizing his poor cock. She then puts his cock on a wooden board and crushes it under her soles and even stands on his balls with all her BODY WEIGHT on one heel (imagine the pain!). She then removes her boots and crushes his cock and balls non-stop under her sexy fishnets in every possible way and always applying her FULL WEIGHT. She then decides to finish their session with a sexy footjob causing Cucciolo to cum in a big way all over her super cute feet.

The great Shona, one of our most appreciated cock & ball crushers is as sexy as ever in this superb video in which pleasure and pain are constantly mixed during the whole shoot !