" The Weight Of Love "

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Rafeka and Cucciolo

Rafeka is an extraordinarily gorgeous and sexy girl who is very sporty and dynamic too. This morning to keep herself fit she wakes up early as usual to go jogging in the park. But unfortunately her husband is the exact opposite; he likes to wake up very late and is damned lazy. Today he promised to be ready to go shopping with her as soon as she gets back from jogging but once again didn't keep his promise and is still sleeping deeply. For Rafeka this is the final straw, she decides to stop with the kind, sweet methods to sort him out and to use the hard one's instead. She jumps on him and starts to trample, stomp and even run on his body especially on his private parts. Cucciolo doesn't even get time to realize what is happening, just waking to find himself totally naked with his lovely wife totally out of her head crushing, squashing, stomping and jumping on his cock and balls under her sneakers and socks while screaming at him. He tries to answer back but she doesn't give him the chance as she sits FULL WEIGHT on his face trying to suffocate him under her arse whilst harassing his cock with her socks feet. She then removes the socks and plays with his cock and balls in every possible way, pulling, scratching, deforming and stroking them hard with her feet. Then she asks him to prove how much he loves her by supporting what she calls cheerfully "THE WEIGHT OF LOVE" This is nothing less than all her bodyweight right on top of his cock and balls first in barefeet and then under her sandals. She even orders him to put his balls inside her sandals to crush them completely flat, they look like they will explode at any moment! The pain Cucciolo has to endure is absolutely inhuman as she stands on his private parts for ages and in so many different positions, it seems she will never get off them! But worse is still to come as he has to lay down while she stands full weight on his cock and balls, he has then to lift her with his pelvis into a perfect vertical position. We can only imagine what kind of physical effort, and monstrous pain this kind of lifting inflicts on him. But still not happy Rafeka goes on and on trampling his cock and balls as well as jumping on them and kicking them too. Before leaving she wraps his cock inside a doormat and stands full weight on it with the bristles leaving really bad bruises on his poor penis.

After she gets changed she returns to continue crushing his cock and balls in every possible way under her flip flops and barefeet. She particularly enjoys placing his cock inside her flip flops and crushing it flat under her full bodyweight. Cucciolo seems to understand the lesson now and promises to change and be more thoughtful in their relationship in the future. Rafeka at this point to celebrate her husband's new attitude decides to reward him with the ultimate footjob, making the ultimate happy ending!

This is the very first video for the super gorgeous Rafeka, a hell of girl with an incredible dominant personality and one of the most sexy pairs of feet we have ever seen ! We highly recommend this great video for the intensity and severity of it's cock crushing action performed by a truly fantastic girl you're going to fall in love with !