" CBT : The Universal Language "

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Alba, Sandrine and Cucciolo

Two young, beautiful students need to improve their Italian grades at University. So they contact private a tutor for help. But while Sandrine looks very interested in improving her Italian, Alba is obviously not interested and looks bored. She keeps disturbing the private lesson and leads Sandrine in the same direction. The two now look more interested in seducing their professor than listening to what he has to say. They even stroke his legs and cock with their sexy boots asking him to compliment them and after convincing him to lay down they undress him and start to trample on him. They target his whole body but especially his private parts firstly in boots, then in socks and then in barefeet. Very quickly this private lesson is transformed into a real foot orgy in which the professor gets his cock and balls caressed gently but mainly trampled on and always under their FULL WEIGHT.

As time passes the two students become more and more playful as they squeeze, pull, deform and crush his cock and balls in every possible way. They even both stand on it at the same several times too. The poor professor is submitted to real CBT action ("Cock and Balls Torture" also known as "Cucciolo Brutal Trample!"). At the end they start to masturbate him with their beautiful feet and .......


One of our best-established Queens of Cock Crush alias the sublime Alba completes a great duo with the lovely and much appreciated Sandrine which adds up to a fantastic video !